What’s out there in the universe? How big is the observable universe? You’ll figure it out after reading it

What’s out there? Since we want to discuss this topic, we need to know how big is the universe we have observed? Which one is outside? Now we peel it off layer by layer and sort it from small to large.


The first is the earth, with a diameter of 12742 km, and the second is the solar system, with a diameter of 80 Au. Au is an astronomical unit, indicating the distance between the earth and the sun. An Au is about 149.5 billion kilometers. To further zoom out, the Milky way is about 10-18 light-years in diameter. There are at least 100 billion planets and 100 billion stars in the Milky way.

Further away, the cluster is about 10 million light-years in diameter and contains 54 different clusters of galaxies. Further away, we can see the Virgo supercluster. In fact, here, the local cluster is almost too small to be seen. The Virgo supercluster contains at least 100 clusters, with a diameter of 110 million light-years.


Further away, the Rania Kea supercluster, the Virgo supercluster just mentioned, is just a part of the Rania Kea supercluster. The diameter of the Rania Kea supercluster is 520 million light-years. It contains 100000 galaxies, the last observable universe.


This is the scope of the universe that we can see and understand at present, which contains at least two trillion different galaxies. It can be said that the number of galaxies in the observable universe is more than all the sand on the earth, and the distance of the observable universe of the earth is 46.5 billion light-years, so the scope of the universe known by mankind is 93 billion light-years.

What is 93 billion light years away?


According to Hubble’s law, some regions far enough away in the universe expand far away from the earth at the speed of super light. In short, in this region, the expansion speed of the universe is faster than the speed of light, and the speed of light can’t run faster than the speed of expansion. Take things in life as an example, this is equivalent to that the speed of making money can’t keep up with the speed of inflation, and the money earned is devalued.


So we don’t know that part of the universe. The whole universe is much larger than the 93 billion light-years we know.

So, how big is the universe?


Assuming that the universe is limited and has boundaries, then, the scope that human beings can observe at present is as big as a light bulb, and the whole universe is as big as Pluto. We can only see the light bulb, but we don’t know the existence of Pluto. Therefore, human beings and the earth are very small to the whole universe and can be ignored.


How do humans know that the universe is expanding?

The famous astronomer Hubble found that all the Galactic objects are moving when he observed the universe, but the moving speed of these galactic objects is directly proportional to their distance from the earth.


Here is another phenomenon of Doppler effect. For example, when an ambulance comes to us, you will hear the sound of the ambulance is very sharp and fine, and the frequency is very high. But when it goes away from us, the sound will become lower or more dull, and the frequency is lower than that just heard. Therefore, the moving direction of the object can be judged by the sound.


It’s the same with that light. Hubble found that the frequency of light emitted by objects far away from the galaxy is everywhere. In astronomy, this is called redshift phenomenon. The faster the objects leave the galaxy, the greater the redshift. If the celestial body is close to the Milky way, it will have a blue shift, so Hubble concluded that the universe is expanding through speed and direction.

So what is outside the observable universe?


Suppose the universe is infinite


Then there is nothing outside the universe, because there is no concept of outside and inside, and there is no direction. One day, we think we have reached the end of the universe, but if we go further, we will find that we will come out from the other side and return to the origin.

Because the universe is infinite and has no end, the expansion of the universe just mentioned has no direction. It does not expand in any direction. It is expanding silently. This assumption is also considered close to reality.


So if the universe is finite and has boundaries,


There are many possibilities outside the observable universe. For example, the parallel universe, the birth of our universe is through the big bang, whether it is the big bang or the black hole big bang, then there may be many big explosions in the whole universe, which will explode other universes.

For example, the whole universe is like a hotel. There are many rooms in it. Each room is a universe after explosion. The reason why we don’t know the existence of each other’s universe is that there is a wall in the middle. This is where we can’t detect, so we never know what is on the other side.


As like as two peas, our neighbors and our universe may be exactly the same world. There is also an earth and you. Although you can’t observe it, you can feel it. Does it feel terrible when you think about it?


For example, Mandela effect, every time we make a choice, we will form another parallel universe, so there are countless you in this universe, but you are all in your own room, and you don’t know each other’s existence. If you want to connect, you may have to go through dreams.

Xiaobian thinks that if one day human beings can achieve immortality, or high technology develops to a certain extent, we have never really understood the universe.

Because the universe is too complex, there are always some unknown parts. Although our understanding of the universe is constantly revising and advancing, just as people hundreds of years ago thought that the earth is the center of the universe, and that “the sky is round and the place is round”, now of course, these conclusions have been overturned, but at the same time, our current understanding of the universe may also be overturned by people hundreds of years later.

Maybe human beings have perished, and we have never really understood it. But when we think about it carefully, it’s very interesting to think about this kind of question that never has an answer, don’t you think? Welcome to comment area.

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