What’s so strange about the creatures on earth that are not afraid of freezing? Scientists: or search for alien life through it

The universe is vast. The earth is just a grain of dust. There are so many planets like the earth in the universe. Scientists have always believed that extraterrestrial life must exist. It may be different from life on earth. Most of the living things on earth depend on oxygen, but alien life is not necessarily. Moreover, different environments make different life.

In extreme environments, there may not be life. Take the earth for example, there is life in the deep sea below 10000 meters. This is life under high pressure. There is another kind of life that is not afraid of freezing. This kind of creature is called polar ice worm by scientists. It is the only known creature on the earth that is not afraid of freezing and can not die of freezing. It can survive in the extremely cold conditions in Antarctica, and it is also very resistant to hunger and can not eat or drink for a long time.

The discovery of polar ice insects, which are not afraid of freezing, has attracted the attention of scientists. Moreover, this kind of ice insects also have the ability to travel freely in solid ice. No one knows how they break the ice. Some scientists believe that ice insects may drill out of the ice along the cracks in the ice. Biologists believe that ice insects may contain deicing materials. Every time they go through the ice, the cells in the body release energy and melt the surrounding ice to form a channel.


There are many frost resistant organisms on earth, such as snow nematodes, snow spiders and polar bears. But these animals can store energy on their own. Polar bears, for example, have thick fur and are very resistant to freezing. But polar ice insects are different from them. They have no hair. How can such insects survive in the cold environment of polar ice? But the fact is that they just like the cold environment. Scientists have not been able to figure out how ice insects keep warm? And its incredible ice piercing ability makes scientists envious. If we can understand the secret of ice insect’s ice piercing, it will play a great role in many applications of human beings.

The ice bug’s lifestyle is also full of mysteries. They always live in the glacier area with snow all the year round. In summer, large-scale ice insects break the ice and come out to search for food. According to researchers looking for ice bugs, it is possible to trample tens of thousands of entangled ice bugs if they are not careful.

In winter, most of the places where ice insects gather are covered with snow. Without algae or other food, they hide underground. But so far, no one knows how ice bugs winter underground. In winter, the ice bug seems to disappear. Scientists suspect that they hibernate under the snow. But recently, researchers have found that if you dig deep enough, you can see ice worms in winter. Two biologists from the United States have been digging ice insects in the snow covered rennick mountain for many times. All the ice insects they have found so far are hidden in caves less than 3 meters.

Some people put ice bugs in the refrigerator for two years without eating or drinking. After two years, they can still survive tenaciously in the refrigerator. It’s an incredible little creature. But ice bugs also have a weakness, that is, they are afraid of heat. No matter how cold the weather is, they can’t be afraid of heat. Therefore, ice bugs usually move at night and hide when the sun comes out during the day.


In addition to its cold resistance, scientists are more interested in its ability to travel through ice. But for many years, no substantial progress has been made.

Through ice insects, scientists have thought of life in the universe. There are ice insects in the extreme ice regions of the earth. On some cold planets in the universe, will there be ice insects in the planets with frozen water? For example, there is a lot of frozen water in several moons of Saturn. Will there be life in them? Isn’t frozen water also found on Mars? Is there life in it?

Life in the universe must be different from our earth. Life can be born in different environments. Since there is life in the extreme ice, what about the extreme heat? In the magma environment below the volcano, the possibility of life is not ruled out. These need scientists to explore and discover in the future.


I believe that in the near future, with the continuous development of human space technology, when human beings have the ability to freely enter and leave the stars in space, it is estimated that many strange creatures in different forms and environments will be found.

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