What’s special about Einstein’s brain? Scientists have found the answer after research

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Human beings were born millions of years ago. After evolution and development, they finally became the new overlord of the earth. Human beings have nothing to do with the hegemonic creatures that once appeared on the earth. In the long life history of billions of years, there have been other hegemonic creatures, such as the era of insects hundreds of millions of years ago, when insects were extremely huge, they were the overlord of the earth at that time.

65 million years ago, new dominant biological dinosaurs appeared, and their size was also extremely huge. That era was called dinosaur era. Dinosaurs were the dominant of the earth at that time, dominating the earth for 160 million years. After the extinction of dinosaurs, human beings appeared. Human beings became the overlord of the earth, not relying on a strong body. In fact, human physical quality is not strong in the biological world. There are many animals in the animal world whose physical quality is far better than that of human beings, such as lions, tigers, elephants, etc.


Human beings can become the overlord of the earth, relying on the wisdom of the brain. Although other mammals also have brains, their brains are different from those of humans. The structure of human brain is more complex and mysterious, and its functions are more diverse. It can think about all kinds of problems, invent and create, and put forward all kinds of problems beyond imagination.

Early scientists found that there are at least 10 billion neurons in the human brain, and new research tells us that there are an amazing 86 billion neurons in the human brain. These neurons constitute a number of systems, different cells have different ways of connection, different systems play different roles and play different roles.

Scientists have found that the complexity of the human brain is like a microcosm, similar to the complexity of the universe. Someone once proposed a conjecture: the universe may be the brain of a superorganism. This conjecture does not seem to be groundless nonsense. If the human brain is magnified countless times, it is a complex universe?

It is precisely because of the extremely developed brain that human beings are able to create today’s brilliant scientific and technological civilization. And the human brain is naturally different, you may find that some people are particularly smart, such as memory is born super good, some people are born poor memory. That’s why the brain is used differently.


In addition to the efforts of many scientists, several great scientists with epoch-making significance have been born, such as Newton, Einstein, etc., especially modern Einstein, whose theory of relativity and mass energy equation are of extraordinary significance to the development of human science and technology.

Why can Einstein be so clever and achieve so much? Maybe many people will say: Einstein worked very hard and gave more. But in fact, there are many scientists in this world who work harder and pay more than Einstein. Why don’t they become such great scientists as Einstein?

Is it because they don’t work hard enough? Is it not enough? No, scientists believe that the main reason lies in the brain level. The level of human thinking and creativity is largely due to the potential of the brain. So what’s special about Einstein’s brain?


I believe many people have heard that the brain development rate of ordinary human is only about 10%, and that of very few human can reach about 20%. If so, 90% of the brain areas of ordinary human are in dormant state? After this idea was put forward, it was quickly denied by some scientists. Later, through research, we found that the human brain is in 100% development state, and there is no situation that only 10% development and 90% dormancy. So why are Einstein and a few other people so smart?

For this reason, some scientists believe that although the human brain is 100% fully developed, it does not mean that we can make full use of 100% of the brain function. In fact, only about 10% of the brain function can be used by ordinary people. Our brain is 100% open source every day, and all parts are working together, but when we are thinking or doing other work, the utilization rate of our brain is only 10%.

In fact, this is the same as the CPU of a computer. The CPU of a computer does not have a template that is completely dormant and does not work. In fact, when the computer is working, the whole CPU is working, but the utilization rate of CPU by different computer hardware or software is different. Some can play 30% of the CPU performance, while others can only play 10% of the performance. The brain is the same, most people can only play a 10% performance, only a few people like Einstein can play a 20% performance.

Whether the brain has different utilization rate of different people, we can find the answer by studying Einstein’s brain. In order to explore the secret of Einstein’s brain, a pathologist named Thomas in the hospital stole Einstein’s brain in the early years. For this, many people think that he does not respect the deceased, but Thomas does not think so. He thinks that it is disrespect to genius to burn the brain of genius hastily.


After Einstein’s brain was taken away, Thomas sliced it and then soaked it in formalin. In order to better explore the mystery of the brain, Thomas invited the then outstanding brain researcher Marian to participate in the observation. She was also an outstanding neuroscientist.

It took Marianne 30 years. In the end, she only summed up two characteristics of Einstein’s brain. One is that there are more neurons in the brain, about 73% more than the normal human brain. Second, the parietal lobe of his brain is about 15% more than that of ordinary people.

Through years of research on patriotic Stan, scientists finally found that his brain is really different, which may be the reason why it can have such great scientific achievements. One of the studies mentioned that there were 73% more neurons in Einstein’s brain than in normal people, which is a significant discovery. From this, I can draw a possible conclusion: the more neurons a person has, the more intelligent his brain will be, and the more intelligent he will be, and the easier he will be to make more brilliant achievements on the road of science.


Through the study of Einstein’s brain, we also understand that the reason why he became a great scientist is not that his brain has 10% more usable areas than others, but that his brain has 73% more neurons than others, followed by the parietal lobe, which is about 15% more than ordinary people. Neurons are the most basic structure of human brain. They are the neural network of the brain. The more neurons, the more complex the network is, just like the gap between ordinary computers and supercomputers.

The more complex the neural network is, the stronger the ability to think, think and create. What others can’t figure out in a few months, maybe Einstein will figure it out in a few days, so other scientists seem to work harder and spend more time studying than Einstein. But the efficiency is far less than Einstein. Einstein’s thinking efforts in one day may be equivalent to the thinking efforts of other scientists in a few months. This huge gap, even if you work 24 hours a day, is not as good as Einstein’s.

That’s why, although the number of modern scientists is much more than in the past, there are no such great scientists as Einstein. The reason is not that modern scientists don’t work hard enough, but that they don’t have enough innate advantages at the brain level. Ordinary scientists can become famous scientists through unremitting efforts and make achievements in a certain field. However, it is very difficult for Einstein to lead human beings into a new era and influence human science and technology for hundreds of years.

To be such a great scientist as Einstein, in addition to the spirit of unremitting efforts and research, the more important thing is the stronger performance of the brain, which can only come from congenital advantages. Scientists are also constantly studying the human brain, hoping to develop more brain performance through the power of science and technology in the future, so that everyone can become a more intelligent person. Let everyone have the possibility of becoming Einstein.


Only human beings can improve the performance of the brain level, coupled with the efforts of the day after tomorrow, the birth of a new generation of Einstein is possible. If there are dozens of Einstein level great scientists in human beings, then human civilization will move forward faster, become interstellar civilization faster, and explore and solve more mysteries of the universe.

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