What’s the end of the universe? Scientists have come up with three conjectures, each of which is an eye opener

With the help of science and technology, when human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, we will have a goal in the future, which is the star sea. Standing in front of the universe, the earth is too small. If the universe is compared to a living body, then the earth is equivalent to a cell in the living body, which is insignificant.

There are too many mysteries in the vast universe, such as the origin of the universe, the origin of life in the universe, why the universe is so regular, and so on. The goal of human beings is to solve these mysteries one by one. As long as we use the power of science to crack them one by one, then human beings will become the overlord of the universe, even the super civilization beyond the universe.


Among the numerous mysteries of the universe, there are two main things scientists want to know most. One is the origin of the universe, and the other is the end of the universe. For the origin of the universe, the current mainstream conjecture is the singularity big bang. 13.7 billion years ago, a mysterious singularity big bang, so the universe was born.

For the big bang conjecture, scientists are not guessing, but through a large number of long-term observation data. Many phenomena in the universe point to the possibility that the universe may have come from the big bang. Of course, there is not enough evidence to prove this point. It is still a mainstream conjecture about the origin of the universe.

As for the end of the universe, it is difficult for us to make it clear. From a scientific point of view, there are no infinite things in the world. Everything, everything, it has a beginning and an end. The star has its origin, and it also has its own life. When it reaches its life, it will have a supernova explosion and transform into another kind of celestial body.


Planets are also not infinite, it will eventually go to destruction for various reasons, and become the dust of the universe. The same is true of galaxies. They can’t survive indefinitely. They have a beginning and an end. Celestial bodies, galaxies and so on all have lifespan. When the lifespan reaches, they will also go to destruction. Can the universe, which carries all this, exist infinitely? Scientists have put forward three conjectures about the end of the universe. Let’s have a brief understanding.

1、 The universe will eventually become a fragment. As we all know, the universe came from the big bang of a singularity. This singularity has infinite mass, infinitesimal volume and infinite energy accumulation. The original matter of the universe was transformed from the energy generated at the moment of the big bang at a very high temperature.


Energy can be transformed into matter. I believe all friends who know about Einstein’s equation of mass and energy should understand it. In fact, energy and matter are the same things. They are just two forms of mass. When the temperature reaches a certain level, matter will exist in the form of energy.

The reason why we can’t see the situation that energy is transformed into matter in the real world is mainly because there is no super high temperature in the present cosmic space. This temperature only appeared once at the moment of the big bang, which helps energy be transformed into matter. Let the universe have the basic material elements, and then these basic elements after continuous evolution, the emergence of more material elements, and finally there are all kinds of celestial bodies, galaxies.

After the big bang, space is not fixed, but is expanding rapidly. It is this kind of expansion that makes the temperature of the universe drop continuously, which is more conducive to the evolution of matter. The universe has expanded for 13.8 billion years now. No one can tell how big the universe is. At present, the observable range of the universe is only 93 billion light-years. We don’t know what the universe is outside this range.


So can the universe keep expanding? According to the conjecture of scientists, this possibility is very small. You should know that no matter how strong the toughness of a balloon is, it can’t expand all the time. After reaching a certain degree, it will explode and become a pile of debris.

And the end of the universe may also be like a balloon, when it expands to a certain extent, it can not continue. Whether it’s balloons or the expansion of the universe, it needs a kind of energy support. The energy needed for balloon expansion is the gas we blow in from the outside. And the energy needed for the expansion of the universe may be dark matter, which we don’t know yet.


Dark matter controls the expansion of the universe. Under its action, the universe may expand more rapidly in the future. When it reaches its limit, it will burst into a pile of fragments like a balloon, and everything in the universe will no longer exist.

2、 The universe is reincarnated. The universe originated from an infinitesimal singularity. It was born through the big bang, and then the universe continued to expand. The universe may not be able to expand indefinitely. When it reaches a limit, it may stop expanding and collapse inward.

As we said earlier, the expansion energy of the universe may be the ubiquitous dark energy of the universe, which is equivalent to the gas needed for balloon expansion. Dark energy can’t be infinite. It also has a degree. Just because dark energy can’t be infinite, it can’t make the universe expand all the time. After reaching a certain limit, dark energy can not continue to support, and the universe will stop expanding at this time.


It may be said that when the universe stops expanding, its space will be fixed. Is it really that simple? It may not be that simple. If the dark energy in the universe can keep a constant state all the time, then the universe can keep still after it stops expanding.

But the reality is that dark energy comes from dark matter, and dark matter and dark energy need to be consumed continuously when they maintain the operation of the whole universe. This is the same reason that the fuel of a star needs to consume hydrogen constantly. With the continuous consumption of dark matter and dark energy decreasing, the energy to maintain the space will be less and less.


If the gas in the balloon is constantly consumed and lost, the balloon will continue to shrink. In the same way, with the continuous consumption of dark energy in space, it will continue to collapse inward. Finally, it is possible that the universe will collapse into a singularity and return to the original state. When the universe collapses back to the original singularity, due to the huge accumulation of energy, there will be another big bang and a new universe will be born.

This conjecture shows us that the universe may be a process of continuous reincarnation, and our present universe is the last reincarnation. When this universe disappears, a new one will appear.

3、 The universe will continue to expand and eventually split into many universes. I believe many friends know that scientists put forward the pluralistic cosmology, that the universe is not unique, but has many components. So how did this multiverse come into being? Scientists have come up with the idea that the universe is split up.


We can assume that the universe can expand infinitely. When it expands to a certain extent, it will split into infinitely small universes. These universes have the same physical rules and operation rules as the big universe. The small universe will continue to expand and expand. After reaching a certain degree, it will also split into many small universes. In this way, the universe continued to expand and split to a certain extent, thus forming a multiverse.

No one can give an answer to the above three conjectures, which is the most likely outcome of the universe. To solve this mystery, we can only strive to develop science and technology rapidly. Only when science and technology are powerful to a certain extent, can we have the ability to explore the real mystery behind the universe. The third is the most expected outcome of the universe, because no matter which of the first two, human civilization can not continue forever.

Only in the third way can human beings exist all the time. Even if our universe is destroyed by disaster in the future, we can go to other parallel universes to survive. Of course, the ideal is beautiful, but the reality is often very cruel, what will be the end of the universe? What’s your opinion? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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