What’s the fate of the earth when the sun dies in 5 billion years? Look 400 light-years away

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. For this home, human beings will naturally care about its future. In ancient times, people might think that the earth could become the home of mankind forever. However, as human beings enter the era of science and technology, after stepping out of the earth, they have more and more knowledge of the universe. At this time, it is difficult for human beings to expect the earth to last forever.

Even if the earth’s ecological environment can be maintained, but 5 billion years later, the earth will also usher in the end of its fate that day, why? I believe we all know that stars are a common celestial body in the universe, it depends on the internal nuclear fusion reaction to emit light and heat. It is precisely because of the special star, so its life is relatively short compared with planets and other celestial bodies.

Stars have different lifespan according to their mass. The larger the mass, the shorter the lifespan. The life span of a star with the mass of the sun can reach about 10 billion years, while the life span of a star with more than 30 times the mass of the sun may only be about 100 million years. And those supermassive stars that can eventually evolve into black holes may only last tens of millions of years.


The sun is a yellow dwarf, just a small person in the family of stars. It is precisely because of its small mass that its life span is relatively long, which can be as long as 10 billion years. Now the sun has burned for 5 billion years. In another 5 billion years, its life will come to an end. At that time, the sun’s outer shell will expand rapidly, and its inner core will shrink and evolve into a white dwarf.

The shrinking of the sun’s core is no threat to the earth, but the rapid expansion of its outer shell is a devastating disaster for the earth. After burning the hydrogen fuel inside the star, it will expand and transform into a red giant. At this time, its temperature will rise rapidly, and its expanding volume will continue to devour the nearby orbit. At that time, mercury and Venus will be engulfed, and the earth will be engulfed by it.

Of course, all of the above is just a guess of scientists. We can’t see what will happen to the earth when the sun expands in 5 billion years? So can we see the future of the sun and the earth outside the solar system? The answer is yes.

Although we can’t see the future of the sun and the earth now, in the vast universe, the future of the sun and the earth has been constantly staged. Scientists have observed and found a white dwarf, which is about 400 light-years away from the earth. Here is a scene of doomsday, in which the white dwarf is evolved from a star similar to the sun when life comes to an end.


There is a huge dust disk around the white dwarf, where the dust is basically the debris of the planets around it, and one of the asteroids has attracted scientists’ interest and attention. The asteroid is small in diameter and revolves around the white dwarf at high speed. Why there is such an asteroid next to the white dwarf? At the end of the star’s death, the surrounding celestial bodies are swallowed up. The appearance of such an asteroid shows that its density is very large.

Scientists believe that the dense core of the planet is composed of iron and nickel, and its predecessor is also an earth like planet similar to the earth. So, here’s the question: its core is still there, so where’s its shell?

Scientists speculate that the main reason for the disappearance of its shell is the tidal force of the white dwarf mentioned above. The powerful tidal force tore up the outer shell and turned it into a dust disk, circling the white dwarf, while the inner core remained. If scientists are right, then a planet hundreds of kilometers in diameter. Today, only the next nuclear remains.


Seeing this, many people may also think of the fate of the earth after 5 billion years, which may also be the same as it, leaving only a dense planetary core, and the crust will be broken down and swallowed by the sun. So will the fate of the earth in 5 billion years be the same as that of the earth like planet 400 light years away? Maybe not.

The fate of the sun in 5 billion years has been doomed, it will evolve into a white dwarf, mercury, Venus and Mars will be engulfed by its expansion. But the fate of the earth may have another situation. As we all know, the earth is not an ordinary planet like Venus or Mars. It is a civilized planet. There are intelligent human beings.

The development potential of human civilization is huge. Now we have entered the era of science and technology, and have been able to go out of the earth and preliminarily explore the mysteries of the universe. With the rapid development of human science and technology, it may not take 5 billion years for human civilization to grow into a powerful interstellar civilization. At that time, human civilization will spread all over the galaxy and even the universe.

When human beings have the ability of interstellar navigation, interstellar immigration and interstellar colonization will no longer be a problem. For example, it may not be a big problem to fly the earth out of the solar system in stray earth. Even at that time, human science and technology were far more powerful than that in stray earth. It was not necessary to install tens of thousands of planetary engines on the earth, and it could escape the solar system faster and safer.


Therefore, it is really hard to say the fate of the earth after 5 billion years. As long as human civilization can continue to develop to that time, everything is possible. Of course, some friends will say that instead of worrying about the fate of the earth after 5 billion, we should worry about whether the earth will be able to persist until the end of the earth under human destruction?

These friends’ worries are very reasonable. The ecological environment of the earth is getting worse and worse under the destruction of human industry. Hawking once said: the earth may be left to mankind for only a few hundred years. This shows that Hawking is also very worried about the earth’s ecological environment. He thinks that if the earth is destroyed in this way, it may not be suitable for human survival in hundreds of years.

If the future is really as Hawking predicted, then we will not have to wait for 5 billion years, hundreds of years later, human beings will have to leave the earth and migrate to other planets. It’s possible that they moved to the modified Mars. It is also possible that after having the preliminary ability to fly at sub light speed, they will go out of the solar system and migrate to a planet outside the solar system that is naturally suitable for human survival.


If, after hundreds of years, human beings leave the solar system in search of a new home, then the earth will also become a barren planet. After 5 billion years, the earth may be swallowed by the sun without the help of powerful civilization. Of course, five billion years is a very long time for mankind.

If human beings really leave the solar system after hundreds of years, looking for a new home, then the barren earth may become a beautiful blue planet again after tens of millions or hundreds of millions of years of self-healing. At that time, it is possible that new intelligent life will appear, and then after a long evolution, it will become a new powerful civilization, leading the earth out of the solar system.

It can be seen that five billion years is enough time for many unknown things to happen to the earth. It is only 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth. However, it is still an unsolved mystery whether there has been only human civilization in the past 4.6 billion years. It is possible that before the emergence of human beings, there were other civilizations that could not leave the earth and the solar system because of the great changes in the earth’s ecology.

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