What’s the future of mankind in 10000 years? Maybe the earth is no longer the earth!

Ten thousand years later, mankind may face these two problems. What will the earth look like?


The earth is changing all the time. The future direction of mankind is a puzzle. Before human beings entered the era of science and technology, they were extremely eager to fly into outer space, but they were limited in all aspects and could not reach. Fortunately, all countries have achieved something in the field of space, and the dream of landing in space has finally changed from fantasy to reality. Only then can we really see the power of science and technology.


The power of science and technology is infinite. Human beings enjoy the convenience brought by science and technology every day. They can buy their favorite products and eat their favorite food without leaving home. All these are the credit of science and technology. However, in the process of development, human beings are more and more unscrupulous. Although they have become the masters of the earth, they do not behave like the masters. Various problems are emerging. Global warming, deforestation, marine pollution and other problems have come to an urgent stage. The vibrant earth has already been out of breath. Ten thousand years later, mankind may face these two problems. What will the earth look like?


Advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence to human beings


Although the emergence of artificial intelligence helps people to improve efficiency, it is also a lot easier, but we are not aware of the drawbacks of artificial intelligence. If human beings continue to destroy the earth, the earth may become a barren desert. Many people can’t help wondering what the earth will look like after 10000 years? There is no doubt that there must be great changes in glaciers. Maybe there will be no glaciers left in the north and south poles, only rivers left. This kind of river is not a good thing. The surrounding houses will be submerged. It is a natural disaster for human beings and other creatures, and no one can avoid it.


Even if human beings are lucky enough to survive this disaster, they have to face the problem of artificial intelligence. After the development of artificial intelligence to the mature stage, with the consciousness and operation behavior of independent thinking, human beings will be unable to control them, and may subvert the status of human beings. What will human beings do then? No wonder scientists are trying to find a second home.


Call on everyone to cherish the hard won everything


Even if human beings disappear, there will be other rulers to occupy the earth. Today’s environment is gradually not suitable for human survival. In the final analysis, it’s all human evils. If human beings have no consciousness of self-examination and high technology stagnates in the future, human beings will disappear from the earth one day. This is very terrible. After 10000 years, earth shaking changes will take place in the universe. Human beings will go extinct and other creatures will rule the earth.


There is a great possibility that the earth without human beings will return to its former appearance, or the earth will never exist again. Therefore, everyone should cherish all the existing things, which are hard won. Don’t wait for the loss to know regret, seize the day. For everyone, there is only one life. While taking care of one’s own life, we should also pay attention to the feelings of mother earth, so that the earth will not be hurt again. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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