What’s the future of the earth? Scientists have found that stars engulf planets, or will be engulfed by the sun in the future

There are complicated relations between the vast universe and celestial bodies. What human beings observe today is only the tip of the iceberg of the whole universe. Although the current level of science and technology can not solve the mystery of the universe. But scientists’ research and exploration of the universe has never stopped.

There are many stars in the universe, just like the sun, they also emit a lot of light and heat.


According to media reports, astronomers have discovered the behavior of aging stars swallowing other planets. This is a rare phenomenon of stellar expansion.

Researchers believe that if a star starts to age and expand into an old star, also known as a red giant, it could engulf other planets.

Here I can’t help but remind Xiaobian of what many forecasters have predicted: the end of the earth will come. Will the earth experience the same fate as that planet in the future? Will the expanding sun devour the earth?


The discovery may help scientists understand whether the future of the earth will also go this way.

We all know that the sun brings light and heat to the life of the earth, so we can let all kinds of life on the earth survive. But at the same time, solar activity will also have a great impact on the earth, such as causing our communication failure. If the sun changes dramatically, the earth will certainly not be able to escape.


Scientists have found a very strange star 300 light years away from the earth. Its mode of operation is very rare in many stellar systems known to man.

Although its central star is like our solar system, planets circle the central star. But its central star engulfs the planets orbiting it.

Just imagine, in such a stellar system, any planet close to the central star will be eaten, and then the outer planets will move inward and be eaten again.


In this regard, some people ask: will our solar system also become like this, and the earth will eventually be engulfed by the sun?

The light of the sun comes from its hydrogen fusion. The mass of the sun is very large, and its gravity is also very large. Even itself is subject to great gravity and shrinks inward.


This is also the strong gravity that makes the hydrogen element in the sun’s core have enough conditions for nuclear fusion. When the Sun runs out of hydrogen, this is helium fusion.

Helium fusion happens faster and energy is generated faster. When the pressure in the sun’s core rises faster than the sun’s gravity, the sun expands outward.

During this period, the mass of the sun disappears rapidly, and the resulting gravitational decay accelerates the expansion. Finally, the outer layer of the sun expands until it engulfs the earth.


In this regard, scientists have calculated that our planetary system may have such a violent history in the past. According to the gravity of the major planets, it can be inferred that Mercury is likely to be engulfed by the sun in the future.

If mercury is engulfed, will the destruction of the earth be far away? The answer is yes, although the cause and time of the destruction are uncertain for the time being.


But it also means that interstellar navigation must be carried out. We need to implement it. The action of interstellar navigation can ensure that human beings can get a glimmer of life in the vast catastrophe. What do you think? Welcome to comment area!

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