What’s the matter with human death? Scientists find a new way to explore through quantum mechanics

2019 has become the past, the new 2020 has begun, and the Chinese traditional festival Spring Festival is coming. At this time, many people will feel: unconsciously another year has passed, and they are one year old. For many elderly people, every Spring Festival is a reminder that they are closer to the end of their lives.

Birth, aging, illness and death seem to be something everyone has to experience. Although we don’t know the origin of life in the universe, we know that life is not eternal and there are rules of life and death. When we are born into this world, the end we have to face in the future is death. This is the law that everyone can not escape. Whether you are an emperor, a noble person or an ordinary people, the final outcome is the same.

Perhaps in the eyes of ordinary people, death is like a lamp out, nothing. However, from the perspective of science and from the perspective of scientists, it seems that things are not so simple. The nature of all things in the world can not be separated from the scope of science, and they all have macro and micro manifestations. Life is the most magical and mysterious thing in the birth of the universe, and the death of life may not be as simple as we think.


After entering the era of science and technology, scientists began to study the mysteries of human body, especially the brain, the most complex and mysterious organ of human beings. Through research, scientists found that the human brain exists consciously, and all human behaviors are under the control of consciousness. And consciousness is something that can’t be seen or touched. What is it, science still can’t explain.

The discovery of consciousness reminds scientists of the theory of soul, which has been popular among people since ancient times. In many religious beliefs, it is mentioned that people may arrive in another world after death, so they need to accumulate merits in this world. Some religious views also believe that people will experience constant reincarnation, and even put forward the idea of reincarnation every 150 years.

In China’s folklore, there is a very detailed description of the world where people die. That world is the legendary hell, which is described in many myths and legends. So does human consciousness have anything to do with this soul? In fact, it is difficult for scientists to answer this question.

Although scientists have confirmed the existence of consciousness, the first problem we need to solve is whether there is a soul in human beings? If scientists are not sure whether the soul exists, it will be difficult to continue to study it. Now that we know that all human actions are governed by consciousness, is soul related to this consciousness? Are they independent or belong to the same kind of existence?


There are no exact answers to these questions, but more and more scientists begin to pay attention to the study of consciousness and soul, which shows that scientists also begin to pay attention to the legend of soul handed down from ancient times to the present. Maybe the truth of the matter is far beyond our imagination. More people think that human consciousness may be the soul in folklore. They are the same thing, but they are called differently.

Therefore, to solve the mystery of the soul, scientists need to start from the consciousness, but for this kind of invisible things, the traditional research methods are useless. So scientists thought of quantum mechanics, which can be said to be the greatest theory and Science in the history of modern science.

Quantum mechanics is the study of micro science, and all things in the macro world are composed of micro particles, as long as the mystery of the micro world is solved, the mystery of the universe will be solved. From the macro point of view, consciousness is a kind of invisible and untouchable thing, but in the world of quantum mechanics, it is not necessarily so.


Scientists have found a new way to explore the mystery of human death through quantum mechanics. Some people think that if people’s consciousness does not disappear after death, it is likely to enter the universe through quantum form. Although people are shocked by this view, many things in the world of quantum mechanics are contrary to the traditional science. For example, the emergence of quantum entanglement theory has proved to us that there are indeed things worthy of our in-depth thinking and exploration in the quantum world.

Human beings exist consciously before they live. Will the consciousness disappear completely or continue to exist after death? To solve this mystery, we may need to find the answer from quantum mechanics. If human consciousness may keep a large number of memories, and then it does not dissipate after death, but exists in other forms, it will provide more ideas for the study of human beings, and may bring an epoch-making leap for the whole human civilization.

I believe many people have heard of immortality, immortality, ancient emperors also dream of immortality, but in the end it is just a dream. Although science has now understood that the human body can not live forever, it is impossible to live forever, but the discovery and existence of consciousness make it possible in the future.

If consciousness is something that can exist forever, and it will not dissipate because of the death of human body, then it is possible for us to preserve the consciousness after death, and then let consciousness revive in a new body by means of science and technology. Some scientists regard human consciousness as a complex program, so they think of the method of uploading and downloading consciousness, and now many scientists have studied it.


If consciousness really realizes uploading and downloading in the future, it is really possible for human beings to realize another kind of immortality. Of course, in our current research on consciousness, we can only confirm that consciousness exists in the brain, and it can control human activities through the brain. We don’t know anything else about consciousness.

Because the structure of human brain itself is very complex, scientists’ exploration is also facing a certain bottleneck. However, scientists believe that we should not be discouraged by this, especially in the face of the booming development of quantum mechanics, we should not only study the human body as much as possible, but also carry out in-depth exploration of consciousness.

Now human beings have begun to explore the mysteries of the universe. Among the many mysteries of the universe, the origin of life and the mystery of life may be the biggest one. Only when these two mysteries are solved can human civilization really become the power and the overlord of the universe.


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