What’s the meat taste of mammoth 4000 years ago? I almost vomited on the spot!

What’s the meat taste of mammoth 4000 years ago? I almost vomited on the spot!


Before human beings, there were countless prehistoric creatures on the earth, which were more dominant than human beings in terms of living habits and body characteristics. What’s missing most is the intelligent brain, which always uses brute force. When in danger, either he or I will die, which is too extreme, but it is also the nature of animals. Have you heard of mammoths? It has another nickname, the mammoth.


Living 11000 years ago, it originated in Africa at first, and then moved continuously to adapt to the grassland and forest environment. There are few creatures that can adapt very quickly like it. But in 5000 years ago, mammoths were suddenly extinct. The last group of mammoths disappeared completely on the earth in 1670 BC. The sudden disappearance caught people off guard. Human beings have been thinking about the reasons for its extinction. What’s the meat taste of mammoth 4000 years ago? I almost vomited on the spot!


Two reasons for mammoth extinction


There are two kinds of conjectures. One is the sudden change of the environment, unable to adapt to the sudden change of the environment, the body function is destroyed, and the number is gradually rare. This kind of conjecture is very unlikely, because the mammoth has gone through many times of migration, and there is no trace of extinction, so the possibility of sudden change of the environment is very small. The second way is to say that human beings are the most selfish creatures on earth. In order to get what they want, they can do whatever they want.


So what does the disappearance of mammoths have to do with? Some experts believe that when a huge star falls on the earth, it is easy to be decomposed when it passes through the atmosphere, causing friction with the atmosphere and releasing toxic gases on all continents. Many plants die and escape because they can’t carry out photosynthesis. So is it possible that the disappearance of mammoths is related to the meteorite landing?


The disappearance of mammoths may have something to do with humans


Later, after analysis, scientists found that the disappearance of mammoths had a great relationship with human beings. Once, an archaeological team found 41 sites of human activities in five continents. Every time human migrated to a place, they would leave mammoth remains. The real reason for the extinction of mammoths was internal and external troubles. After the temperature became warmer, mammoths would migrate northward, and their range of activities decreased significantly It has a high probability of being killed. In 2010, Xing Lida was admitted to an archaeological team. The next year, with the concerted efforts of all of us, he discovered a mammoth 4000 years ago under the permafrost in Siberia.


At that time, mammoth’s legs were frozen hard. He was very curious and suddenly wanted to taste the meat of mammoth. Before eating the meat, he took a lot of antibiotics. It was thought that the extinction of mammoth was due to human being’s obsession with its meat, so they began to hunt and kill. When he took a bite of it, he quickly vomited it out. Mammoth’s meat was very bad. Compared with other creatures, it was totally two extremes. I have to admire his spirit. For the extinction of mammoths, experts are trying their best to find out why. What do you think is the cause of mammoth extinction? You can leave a message for interaction.

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