What’s the point of PI going on? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I suddenly realized

Mathematics is a subject that studies the concepts of quantity, structure, change, space and information. From our birth to kindergarten, the teacher began to teach us mathematics. When we were in primary school, the teacher taught us the first infinite non circular decimal PI.

For PI, I believe every friend is familiar with it. It is the ratio of the circumference and diameter of any circle. This number is about 3.14. It is the first irrational number that we contact. It has no limit value and can cycle infinitely. PI has a long history, as early as in ancient Greece, it has been used.

Around 480 A.D., the mathematician Zu Chongzhi of the northern and Southern Dynasties further came up with the result accurate to 7 decimal places. It can be seen that the number of PI has been around for thousands of years at least. It is still a mystery how it appeared and when it originated.

Sometimes, it’s hard for us to imagine how the ancients discovered the great number of PI, which makes us feel that the wisdom of the ancients is no less than that of modern human beings, and even far more than that of modern human beings in some aspects. After the number of PI appeared, countless mathematicians began to calculate it from ancient times to the present, trying to see where the limit of the number is.


Before the advent of computers, mathematicians relied on manual calculation and worked hard. They could only calculate tens of thousands of decimal places in their lifetime. However, since the advent of computers, mathematicians have broken away from manual calculation. With the help of supercomputers, the number of digits of PI has been constantly reaching new heights. At present, the number of digits of PI has reached 10 trillion. Isn’t it amazing.

Nobody knows where the limit of PI is. At present, scientists are still calculating it through supercomputers. At this time, some people have such a question: human beings have calculated pi to 10 trillion. What’s the significance of continuing to calculate? Some people may think that it is a waste of time to continue to calculate pi. Is this really the case?

Of course not. Scientists tell us not to underestimate this PI. Its contribution to human beings is enormous. So what are the applications of Pi? In the field of computer, PI is a ruler used to test the performance of computer. We all know that the update and upgrade speed of computers is very fast. Which one of the two computers is better? We can draw a conclusion by calculating the PI.

In addition, the software and hardware of the computer often have some bugs. The concealment of these bugs is very good, and sometimes it is difficult to be found. When the computer is calculating pi, it is possible to detect the bug of computer hardware. At that time, when Intel released Pentium series processors, it also used pi to find bugs in design.


PI itself is a number, because it is widely used in the field of mathematics. Another important application of PI is in the field of cryptography. I believe many friends know that in order to prevent information leakage and tampering, we usually encrypt some important information, so cryptography was born.

In cryptography, digital encryption is quite common, but where does the encrypted number come from? So some scientists thought of PI, which is an infinite non circular primary school. If we can use the completely random number of pi to encrypt the data, the possibility of being cracked will be very small. The fact also proves that the security of the data encrypted by the number of PI is very high.

PI is also applied in the field of modern chip, so it can be seen that PI has made outstanding contributions to the development of human science and technology. In addition to these, another reason why mathematicians persist in calculating pi is that they want to completely solve PI. Although Pi is an ordinary number, its mystery has attracted more and more scientists’ interest.

Science is to make a lot of impossible things possible. It seems to be true that Pi is an infinite and non-circular decimal. However, scientists believe that it is difficult to have eternal things in the vast universe. Whether PI has a limit and can be fully calculated has always been a topic of discussion in the scientific community. Some scientists believe that PI may also have an end point and can be calculated to the full.


However, with the current mathematical system of human beings, it is possible that the PI can not be calculated completely. Even if our supercomputer is dozens or hundreds of times more powerful, it is impossible to calculate the PI completely. It is possible that PI has gone beyond the cognition of the current mathematical system. If we want to calculate it completely and uncover the mystery behind it, we need a more powerful mathematical system.

After reading these, I believe friends have understood that the original Pi is not simple. However, once the PI is fully calculated in the future, it may cause a great shock to the whole science and technology circle, and at the same time, it will destroy a lot of scientific system cognition. What’s so special about such an extraordinary PI that attracts scientists’ attention and exploration?

It is the particularity and mystery of PI that some people speculate that it may not come from three-dimensional space at all, but from four-dimensional space of higher dimensions. It carries the mystery of time, if we can completely crack it, it may bring great leap to human civilization.

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