What’s the point of the existence of mosquitoes? Without it, the scene might be out of control for a time!

What’s the point of the existence of mosquitoes? Without it, the scene might be out of control for a time!


The environment on earth is extremely mild. In many areas, there are spring, summer, autumn and winter all the year round. In some places, there are four seasons like spring. If you want to ask which season you like best in spring, summer, autumn and winter, many people will say with one voice that it is spring and autumn. Not only the weather and temperature are suitable, but also people feel comfortable. Winter and summer are not so pleasant. After all, summer is hot, winter is cold.


Especially in the summer, almost everyone’s home has a mosquito figure, to hear it buzzing sound, very boring. When they are ready to sleep, these mosquitoes will buzz around and their calls are very harsh. When they have no sound, it will prove that they are attacking our bodies and sucking blood. In a short time, a small pimple will appear, which makes people very itchy. This kind of annoying mosquitoes makes people tired. In people’s eyes, mosquitoes all look the same. In fact, if you look closely, you will find that there are many kinds of mosquitoes. What’s the point of the existence of mosquitoes? Without it, the scene might be out of control for a time!


So far, more than 370 kinds of mosquitoes have been found in China. There is a certain difference between mosquitoes and insects. They have a very long gimmick, much more than head length. They are mainly used for piercing and sucking blood. Their wings are lighter, just like the scales of fish. It has to be said that mosquitoes are carriers of diseases. After being bitten by mosquitoes, humans are easy to get infected with viruses. After all, mosquitoes are not only sucking blood The blood of a person, a mosquito bites a person, and then bites another person, the virus will spread in this way.


In the history of human beings, although the mosquito is small, it is the most lethal to human beings. It has killed many people by spreading diseases. This kind of mosquito carrying virus can not only destroy the city, but also harm the economy of a city. Some people ask this question: mosquitoes are so hateful, why not eliminate them all?


For human beings, killing mosquitoes is not as simple as talking about it. Its reproduction speed is amazing. It has been fighting with human beings for many years. Most of us use insecticides to kill mosquitoes, but this kind of destruction is great, and it will also affect the survival of other organisms. Although human beings have come up with all kinds of methods, they are still unable to drive mosquitoes out of our living environment. After all, mosquitoes are also a member of the ecosystem. Without them, the ecological balance will be destroyed. Once the mosquito disappears one day, its impact on human beings may be much greater than itself.


Now scientists are working out the most suitable method to reduce the spread of diseases brought by mosquitoes and ensure human health. However, this technology needs continuous experiments to really push it out. There is really nothing we can do in front of mosquitoes. We didn’t expect that such a small creature would have such a big impact on human beings. What do you know about mosquitoes? You can leave a message for interaction.

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