What’s the reason for not getting fat? Scientist: or “wasting genes” to limit intestinal absorption

In modern society, life is getting better and better, and there is no need to worry about hunger and cold. But what people worry about now is that their bodies are growing fat. At present, there are about 800 million obese people in the world. Why do modern people live a good life, not worry about eating, but obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other metabolic diseases? Some people may have said that obesity is due to eating too much. Although there is also this reason, in reality, we find that some people drink water and grow meat, while some people eat fish and meat every day but don’t grow fat.

When the creator created life and designed genetic information, he absolutely thought that all life would go through two stages: eating unsaturated, eating and supporting. But what she didn’t expect was that human beings, who had been in a state of hunger and cold for hundreds of thousands of years, suddenly had a good life in just a few decades.

In ancient times, people depended on nature for food, and food was relatively scarce. Maybe after a full meal, the next few hundred meals were not enough. Therefore, in order to adapt to this environment, genes will be able to digest and absorb well, transform food into fat and store it as much as possible, and when food is sufficient, they will be able to gain weight quickly to cope with the food shortage period at any time. The “thrifty gene” appeared in these people, which was very advantageous in the environment at that time.


But in today’s era of eating and supporting, the “thrifty gene” has become the culprit of obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

As I said just now, some people can grow meat even if they drink water, while some people don’t gain weight when they eat big fish and meat every day. What’s the reason? Recently, the famous journal Cell Metabolism published the important research results of the research team of Professor Lin Shengcai and Associate Professor Lin Shuyong of Xiamen University in the form of cover paper. Because they found a “waste gene” named Aida. The co first authors of this paper are Luo Hui and Jiang Ming.

The main function of this wasting gene is to limit the absorption of fat in the small intestine. Compared with the “thrifty gene”, isn’t it wasteful. Aida gene was first identified and named by Professor Lin Shengcai’s team and academician Meng Anming’s team of Tsinghua University. At that time, the specific function of Aida was not very clear. When Lin Shengcai’s team removed the AIDA gene from mice, they found that compared with the mice with the AIDA gene, the mice without the AIDA gene were as fat as if they were full of air.


After 10 years of research on Aida gene by Lin Shengcai and Lin Shuyong’s team, they found that the absorption rate of fat in food in the small intestine is a major determinant of individual obesity. The AIDA protein encoded by Aida gene controls the whole process. Maybe you don’t know that the fat in our stomach, after simple digestion by the stomach, goes into the small intestine and is further digested into substances that can be absorbed by the small intestine cells. Then it is absorbed by the small intestine epithelial cells. Then the small intestine epithelial cells turn them into the type of fat that is easy to transport and secrete them to the lymph nodes. Finally, the fat is transported to the whole body through blood vessels Used or stored by various organs.

The creator was very considerate, giving mammals a set of efficient fat absorption system, and also a way to limit the regulation. So those who are easy to get fat, is Aida gene broken? For those who can’t get fat by eating anything, is Aida gene overactive?

At present, the research on Aida is still going on. It is believed that through the research of scientists, human beings will be able to understand the mechanism of these genes on human obesity in the future, so as to develop related gene wasting agents. Injecting these agents to those obese people will increase the waste genes in the human body, so as to achieve the goal of weight loss, and there is no side effect of weight loss. In the future, there will be no more obese people. By that time, the eaters will be able to eat freely, instead of being as careful as they are now, for fear that they will get fat if they eat too much. What do you think? Do you like this waste? If you also belong to the category of people who eat nothing fat, maybe you have more wasted genes than others.


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