What’s the reason that a chicken survived after losing its head?

For human beings, the brain is the leading organ of the human body. If the brain did not evolve wisdom, how can we stand at the top of the food chain? If the brain is damaged, the human body will be greatly affected and even die. Life is very powerful. There is such an animal in history. Its head has been cut off, but it still lives happily for a period of time. What’s the matter?


We can also see such phenomena in nature. For example, the body of an earthworm can still survive after it is divided into two parts, and the tail of a gecko will not affect its survival after it is cut off. It won’t take long for it to be sheltered, and the tail will grow again. This magical ability of organ regeneration has naturally attracted the attention of the scientific community. If we can crack the ability of organ regeneration, then it’s better In the future, it is very likely that it will bring hope to many people.

Chicken with head cut off


There is such a chicken in history. Before its owner slaughtered it, it was raised on the farm like ordinary chicken. This chicken is very ordinary and unremarkable, until one day after its head is cut off by its owner, it can still run on the ground looking for feed. This strange behavior attracted the owner’s attention. So he gave up slaughtering. After a day, the chicken still maintained its strong vitality. The owner of the farm also named it Mike.


At that time, the level of science and technology was very limited. Many people were surprised when they heard this phenomenon, so they went to see the real face of the chicken one after another. After seeing the enthusiasm of the people, the owner of the farm also smelled the taste of money, so he took Mike as the performance object and brought him a huge income. An important phenomenon has also attracted the attention of scientists. Why can a chicken keep its vitality after losing its head? Even the direction of walking was not affected.

In the later research, scientists finally found out the truth. It turns out that Mike’s important parts have not been damaged. Although his head has been cut off, the cerebellum and brain stem are still preserved. The brain stem and cerebellum contain a large number of neurons, so they can control movement. When Mike’s head was cut off, the blood clotted quickly, so the cerebellum was cut off from the outside world, preventing bacterial infection.


Farmers are also very careful to take care of Mike. He can feed him with a dropper. However, during a certain feeding process, Mike’s life miracle ended because a corn kernel got stuck in his respiratory tract. The miracle of life like Mike is still very rare in nature, but scientists have not stopped the pace of research. If human beings can solve the influence of brain stem on human body, it will be a great blessing for human beings.


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