What’s the relationship between aliens and Buddha? Are aliens afraid of Buddha? Monks who have opened their eyes

Are there aliens on earth?


In the vast universe, there are hundreds of billions of stars similar to the sun in our solar system alone, and there are more than one billion galaxies similar to the Milky way. In this case, it is totally unconvincing to say that only our earth has intelligent life.

And in many science fiction movies, a variety of alien creatures emerge in endlessly. With the continuous development of science and technology, people increasingly believe that aliens exist, but according to the current level of human beings, it is impossible to explore them.


However, before scientists discovered the signs of extraterrestrial civilization through science and technology, there were records of extraterrestrial civilization in Buddhist scriptures.


Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, confirmed the existence of extraterrestrial civilization 2500 years ago, and described these extraterrestrial civilizations in detail. Are aliens sent by Buddha? It is said that aliens are also afraid of Buddha. Why? What is the connection between aliens and Buddha? Please explore with Xiaobian.

According to folklore, in fact, both aliens and UFOs are products of heaven, and aliens are actually subordinates of gods.


Shida Xingxian, a physics professor at Waseda University in Japan, is very interested in Buddhism. After some research, he publicly announced that when he studied Buddhist classics, he found that Sakyamuni had in-depth communication with aliens. Therefore, there are many Buddhist classics describing quantum physics and high energy phenomena, which are far beyond the knowledge at that time.


There is such a record in the Dharma Sutra, which is translated into the words we can understand now. That is to say, in heaven, there is a country whose leader is the king of jinghuasu, the wise Tathagata, which is the Tathagata Buddha that we often talk about. The king of jinghuasu, the wise Tathagata, is in charge of many people with long life and noble spirit. These people are the gods.

One of these gods, Miaoyin Bodhisattva, is relatively famous. He has countless virtues, learned the true meaning of the universe, and obtained boundless wisdom. He can achieve what he thinks by relying on his mind. This is what we call fairy art.


A monk, who was born in Yunnan and became a monk in Myanmar, once claimed that he had the heavenly eye. He opened it and saw the great conspiracy hidden in the whole human society. According to him, there are a large number of aliens on the earth. They are lurking on the earth and monitoring the activities of people on the earth at any time.


Among them, Darwin is the reincarnation of the devil, and his appearance is to disturb the world. He put forward the theory of biological evolution, a serious blow to the belief in God.

This can not help but arouse the curiosity of many netizens. Aliens and Buddhas exist and are related. So, which one is better and which one is weaker?


Xiaobian thinks that if both exist, it should be the Buddha of the Tathagata. After all, according to Buddhist theory, the Buddha does not belong to the four-dimensional world, it has gone beyond the dimension, rising to five, six, or even higher dimensions. And aliens, no matter how high-tech they are, live in the same one-dimensional universe as us.

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