What’s the secret behind “ghost hitting the wall”? It’s not feudal superstition, scientists tell us!

What’s the secret behind “ghost hitting the wall”? It’s not feudal superstition, scientists tell us!


Almost everyone in life has encountered strange phenomena, especially when walking at night, if there is no light around, you will feel that there are people around, and you will feel fear when you hear any sound. Many people have the idea of ghosts and gods in their hearts. Since ancient times, there have been many legends about ghosts and gods. Many people tell their real experiences. In the deserted place, they feel that they will become erratic. No matter where they go, they will eventually return to their original place. This phenomenon is called ghost fighting wall.


Once people lose their way, they will still go back to where they are. From a scientific point of view, in fact, it has nothing to do with ghosts. When a person walks in a dark environment, his perception of everything around him will be reduced. He may deviate from the direction by walking a familiar route. It can’t be concluded that ghosts are causing trouble. Moreover, there is nothing unclean around him, which is a natural normal phenomenon. What’s the secret behind “ghost hitting the wall”? It’s not feudal superstition, scientists tell us!


However, when many people encounter it, they can’t suppress their fear. If there are reference objects around, they are not so afraid. Many people think that ghosts are responsible for it. But so far, human beings have not seen the real face of ghosts. It has become an unknown number. If ghosts really exist, why do they not show up?


In fact, a large part of it comes from people’s psychological function. Many people are timid. No matter what strange things they see, they will be very afraid, not to mention watching some ghost movies or TV dramas. The number of times they go out at night is much less. It’s a very magical phenomenon whether ghosts hit the wall or press the bed. Many people associate it with ghosts, but human beings have never seen the existence of ghosts from the beginning to the end. To a great extent, they are People’s inner fear. Once people have inner fear and any sound around them, they will feel someone behind them. So it’s better not to walk at night as far as possible.


There are many legends about ghosts in the folk. Although we have never really seen the true face of ghosts, they do not appear out of thin air. The legends handed down from ancient times to the present must have their reasons, otherwise they will not continue to this day. As long as a person doesn’t do bad things and is upright, he is not afraid of ghosts knocking at the door. Unless someone has a ghost in his heart and is afraid in his heart, he will have the idea of a ghost.


If all the strange phenomena happen in our life, we will be connected with ghosts. Isn’t it wrong for ghosts. There are too many phenomena in our life that can not be explained by science. On the premise that we can’t demonstrate by science, everything can only be guessed and can’t be determined. Do you think the legendary ghost really exists in this world? You can leave a message for interaction.

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