What’s the secret behind the Mandela effect? Maybe there is an invisible hand modifying the memory

There are too many mysteries and mysterious events in this world that can not be explained by science. Today’s Mandela effect is one of them. Speaking of Mandela effect, maybe many people don’t know what happened? Now we will explain the Mandela effect from a series of mysterious events.

Mandela effect originated from Mandela. Speaking of this person, friends who have a certain understanding of history should know that he is the first black president in the history of South Africa, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, and known as the “father of South Africa”. He was later arrested and jailed for 27 years and died on December 5, 2013 at the age of 95.


The end of a generation of great men has brought grief to the people of South Africa, and has also brought some shocks to the whole world. Originally, it was an ordinary death event, but with the reports of the media in various countries, a very strange phenomenon has emerged. What’s the matter?

It turns out that when the news of Mandela’s death was released by the media, people in many places had the same question: “don’t you remember Mandela died very early?” Many people clearly remember seeing the grand funeral and related news on TV.

If this phenomenon occurs in an area, it may not attract the attention of scientists. However, the people who appear this phenomenon come from all countries and regions in the world. They have no contact with each other, and it is impossible to discuss and make up such a lie in advance.


It can be seen that some people in the world knew that Mandela had died a long time ago, and saw the funeral and related news at that time. These people remember that Mandela died of illness in the 1980s, ten years after 2013.

If these people’s memories are real, what about Mandela’s death in 2013? It sounds very mysterious, but scientists believe that it may be true. Since then, scientists have begun to explore this phenomenon more and call it Mandela effect.


Mandela effect is not the only phenomenon. It has happened many times all over the world. Let’s take a song “love China”, which is very familiar to all of us, as an example. I believe many children have sung this song. There is such a line in the lyrics: “five or six nationalities, fifty-six flowers”.

This lyric was issued when we sang, but few people know that the original sentence of “love me China” is not like this, but “five or six constellations, fifty-six flowers”. Yes, the original author’s correct lyrics are not 56 nationalities, but 56 constellations. Why do we become 56 nationalities when we sing?

According to the survey, 80% of the netizens think that the lyrics in their memory are “nationality”, not “constellation”, and “did the author change the words later?”. In fact, this is the typical “Mandela effect”.


In addition, Chinese Hong Kong film star Wu Ma died in 2014, but many people said they remembered that Wu Ma had died long ago. Similarly, Mr. Bean of the United Kingdom was once thought dead by many people, but in fact he is still alive. Even when he appeared in the London Olympic Games in 2012, many people were curious about “Resurrection”.

There are still many such “Mandela effect” incidents around the world, so we will not give examples one by one. If you observe carefully, you may find that there are similar events around you, but you may think that your memory is wrong.


Is memory deceiving us or is history deceiving us? Why doesn’t reality correspond to the things you are sure of in your memory? Scientists can not give an accurate answer to the Mandela effect, but only put forward three hypotheses.

1、 The theory of parallel universe, the rapid development of quantum mechanics and string theory have made it a hot topic in recent years. From the perspective of quantum mechanics, the theory of multiple cosmology should be established.

Pluralistic cosmology, that is, the theory of parallel universe, tells us that the universe is not unique, but there are countless parallel universes. Different parallel universes are independent and related to each other. The fate of the same person is similar and different in different parallel universes. Mandela may have died in the 1980s in another parallel universe, but in our universe he died in 1993.


Other phenomena that the memory does not match the reality may also happen in another parallel universe. Perhaps the parallel universes interact with each other because of some unexpected situation, which has an impact on people’s memory and produced the Mandela effect.

2、 The human brain is a complex and mysterious structure with tens of billions of neurons. So many neurons control all human behaviors through a variety of complex connections. The understanding of the outside world and the transmission of memory are all completed by neurons. If there are some mistakes in the connection of neurons at some time, it will have a disordered effect on our memory and make the memory inconsistent with the reality.


3、 Einstein’s theory of relativity tells us that time and space can be distorted, and time will slow down with the increase of speed. When the speed reaches the speed of light, time stops. In the special theory of relativity, the speed of an object can only be infinitely close to the speed of light, and cannot be reached or surpassed.

However, general relativity puts forward the concept of space-time distortion, in which the speed can exceed the speed of light. At this time, time will retrogress. So, in theory, time can be turned back, and time can let us go back through time and space.

If human science and technology develop to a certain extent in the future and time machine is developed, then it is possible to go back to the past and change history. The change of history is not so simple. A small butterfly effect will make space errors in different parallel time and space. Although it can’t have a huge impact, it can cause small fluctuations in time and space, which affect people’s collective memory and make a small number of people’s memory inconsistent with reality.


Of course, the above three cases are only three conjectures of Mandela effect put forward by scientists at present. What is the Mandela effect and what is behind it? At present, there is no answer, and scientists need to continue their research and exploration. I believe that a reasonable answer can be given in the future.

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