What’s the secret behind the moon? Why did chang’e-4 go there? It was for it

The moon is the only natural satellite of the earth. Since ancient times, people have a different feeling for it. The sun and the moon serve one by day and the other by night. Although not every day accompanied by the moon, but the night with the moon will be more bright, to the night people bring great convenience. Therefore, in ancient times, without technology, without lighting, the moon was very important.

In ancient times, there was no developed science and technology, and people’s understanding of the moon was almost blank. People could see the surface of the moon at the full moon through their eyes, which gave birth to many beautiful myths and legends about the moon. With the development of science and technology, with the help of astronomical telescopes, we have more knowledge of the moon. We also know that the moon is a very desolate planet with numerous craters.

Scientists have discovered the difference of the moon by observing the moon. The volume ratio of the moon to the earth is one in 49, which is very inconceivable in the satellite family. Scientists have not found any satellite as large as the moon around other planets. It is still a mystery how such a large moon can operate stably and accompany the earth for billions of years.


It is precisely because the mass and volume of the moon are too large, so it is very strange in many ways, especially its orbit is different from other satellites, so the rotation and revolution of the moon are the same. We can only see the front of the moon when we stand on the earth, but we can’t see what is on the back of the moon. Because of the mystery of moonback, there have been many legends about moonback. For example, some UFOs sometimes appear there, the moon is the base of aliens, three eyes of alien bodies and alien warship wrecks are found on moonback.

Of course, the above rumors about moon’s back are just people’s conjectures. The real situation of moon’s back has long been known by scientists. Although we can’t see the back of the moon on earth, the probe can go around and see the back of the moon. Of course, what we see is not very clear. To really understand the back of the moon, we still need the probe to land on the back of the moon.

But if you want to land on the back of the moon, the first thing you need to solve is the communication problem. If the probe lands on the front of the moon, the communication can directly communicate with the earth’s satellite, but the back of the moon is different. The wireless signal can’t directly reach the back of the moon, so you need a transit satellite. This was successfully achieved by Chinese scientists, and China’s chang’e-4 successfully landed on the moon back on January 3.

Chang’e-4 is the first probe to land on the back of the moon in human history. Many people may not understand it. Since the back of the moon is similar to the front, why does chang’e-4 have to spend time and effort to land on the back of the moon instead of the front? What are the secrets behind the moon? In fact, there are some differences between the back of the moon and the front. The intuitive difference is that there are more craters on the back of the moon.


The reason why there are more craters on the back of the moon than on the front is that the back of the moon is on the outward side of the Earth Moon system. When asteroids and comets are close to the Earth Moon system, they are easier to approach the back of the moon, which undoubtedly increases the probability that the back of the moon will be impacted by asteroids and comets. Therefore, it seems that the craters on the back of the moon are denser than on the front .

Of course, the real valuable secret behind the moon is not these craters, but helium-3, a very important energy source for the future of mankind. Maybe many friends have heard about helium-3, but they don’t know much about it. So what’s helium-3 and what’s its use? Helium-3 is actually a perfect fusion fuel. Because there are no neutrons in the thermonuclear reactor using helium-3 (the thermonuclear reaction between helium-3 and deuterium will only produce non radioactive protons), the use of helium-3 as energy will not produce radiation and will not bring harm to the environment.

With the rapid development of human science and technology, the demand for resources and energy will be more and more, and the earth’s resources are limited, and the traditional energy pollution to the environment is also very serious, now the earth’s ecological environment damage is so serious, the global temperature is rising, the main reason is the side effects of human use of traditional energy.


Therefore, in the future, we need a new completely pollution-free energy to replace the traditional chemical energy. Controllable nuclear fusion is a powerful and pollution-free energy in the future. Once controllable nuclear fusion is realized, not only the ecological pollution problem on the earth can be solved from the root, but also the nuclear fusion engine can be developed, so that the speed of spacecraft can be changed qualitatively, so that human civilization can really enter the space age, go out of the solar system and explore the extrasolar space.

It can be seen that controllable nuclear fusion is of great importance to the whole human civilization, and the occurrence of nuclear fusion requires fuel, among which helium-3 is the most perfect energy found at present, but the reserves of helium-3 on the earth are only half a ton, which is pitifully small. The reserves of helium-3 on the moon are more than one million tons, which is rich enough for human use for a long time.

Compared with the front of the moon, the back of the moon has more helium-3 energy. This is because when the solar wind blows the Earth Moon system, the front of the moon is often blocked by the earth, but when it blows the back of the moon, it will not be blocked by the earth. Therefore, helium-3 in the solar wind can be fully deposited in the lunar soil on the back of the moon, so helium-3 resources are extremely rich here.

One reason chang’e-4 chose to land on the moon back is to win the honor of landing on the moon back for the first time. The other important reason is to explore the helium-3 reserves on the back of the moon and prepare for the establishment of a mining base on the moon back in the future. In addition to helium-3, the back of the moon is an excellent observation site.


In order to observe deep space, people usually need to launch astronomical telescopes into space. However, the observation of astronomical telescopes in space is affected by the sun’s light, so they can’t see far and clearly enough. However, there is no atmosphere on the back of the moon. When the moon moves to the side of the earth facing away from the sun, all the light from the sun will be completely shielded. This is the best time for astronomical observation.

Moreover, there are many craters and craters on the back of the moon, especially some huge craters, which are very suitable for building large radio telescopes. Therefore, the back of the moon will be very busy in the future. There will be not only helium-3 resources exploitation places around the world, but also moon cities. More people will travel to the moon and even live in closed cities on the moon for a long time. I believe this day will not be too far away.

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