What’s the secret behind the photos that NASA dare not release when the United States no longer lands on the moon

The Apollo moon landing program of the United States is an epoch-making achievement in the world space history. However, since Apollo 17, there has not been another manned moon landing in the world, and the reason given by the United States is lack of funds.


However, compared with half a century ago, human technology is more advanced and can obtain more information about the moon. In recent years, more and more people have questioned that the Apollo program is a fraud!

Why doesn’t the United States land on the moon anymore? Why do some people say that there are a lot of UFO related things hidden in the photos that NASA dare not release? And Armstrong, the first astronaut to land on the moon, once said that the US landing on the moon was warned and organized by aliens. What kind of secret is hidden in this? Let Xiaobian lead us to uncover it.


Photos NASA dares not release


The Apollo program began in 1961 and ended in 1972. The United States said that it spent 22.5 billion US dollars. Finally, this large-scale lunar exploration project was a great success and took a lot of photos of the lunar surface. But the photos were not made public.

Decades on, more and more people think that Apollo program is just a hoax. It was only in 2015 that NASA passed the test under the pressure of public opinion Flickr.com It released 8400 historical photos of the Apollo program and the astronauts’ landing on the moon.


The picture is very clear, with a resolution of 1800 DPI. The footprints left by humans when they first stepped on the surface of the moon are very clear. This also makes people question the authenticity of these photos.


Is the photo a forgery?

It is precisely because of the publication of these photos that this incident has aroused heated public discussion and further aroused public suspicion.


A series of scholars, mainly Hamlet, a famous physics professor, firmly believe that this is a hoax. They think that Apollo landing on the moon is a hoax at all!


According to the analysis, the photos of Apollo landing on the moon are doubtful. According to the data released by NASA, the angle of incidence between the sun and the moon was only about 6-7 degrees at that time. However, in the picture of the star spangled banner on the moon, the angle of incidence between the sun and the moon was about 30 degrees. The dark corner in the picture should be obtained 46 hours after the first step.

In addition, in a video, the U.S. flag inserted by astronauts on the moon shows a windward attitude. But the atmospheric pressure on the surface of the moon is 1014 times that of the earth. It’s a super vacuum and there can’t be wind.


So, this kind of flag fluttering in the wind can’t happen on the moon. It’s more like shooting in a studio. All in all, there are many doubtful points in these photos, which further arouse the suspicion of the public.

Nowadays, academic opinions and new evidence about the fraud of Apollo program emerge in endlessly. As long as it is a lie, there will always be a flaw, no matter how long it is hidden. However, some people, including Xiaobian, believe that the United States intentionally released these fake photos because they are not willing to disclose the real situation on the moon to the world.

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