What’s the secret of deep earth? Four huge projects built under the ground are only superficial

With the maturity of human science and technology and the broadening of our horizons, we gradually move from exploring the interior of the earth to the mysterious space field, and gradually come to understand that the universe is extremely vast. In contrast, the earth and human beings are small, even in the vast universe is not a grain of sand. But human imagination and curiosity are also unlimited, the spirit of exploration has been continuing, so human can overcome one problem after another, break through many difficulties, let the rapid development of human civilization to now.

It is said that the more you learn, the more you will not learn. Although human beings have made great breakthroughs in the field of space, the more they understand it, the more they can find their own shortcomings. There are more problems waiting for human beings to explore and solve. In addition to the unknown in space, there are many places on the earth where we have been living that have not been explored and understood by human beings. The information from the earth’s surface to the depths of the earth is little known by human beings. Today, I’d like to share with you the secrets of the depths of the earth!


Our earth’s diameter can reach 12756 kilometers, and the outermost layer has a crust more than 30 kilometers thick. However, our current science and technology do not have the ability to reach the depth of the outermost layer of the earth. Although we haven’t gone deep into the earth’s underground world yet, the utilization of the earth’s underground by human beings is also greatly enhanced. The subway we take, the underground shopping mall we usually use for shopping, and the underground city may be built in the future. 155 meters from the bottom of the earth, there is the deepest hotel in the world, Sala Silvermine hotel from Switzerland. If you want to stay here for one night, the cheapest price is 4000 RMB. At a depth of 240 meters, there is the deepest undersea tunnel in the world, the QingHan tunnel. This undersea tunnel in Japan is a huge one, with a total length of 54 kilometers. It took 24 years to complete and cost 700 billion yen to complete.

China’s underground exploration technology has also been improving. China’s “Songliao Basin continental scientific drilling well 2” is the first Continental Scientific Drilling Well in the world to drill through Cretaceous continental strata, with a depth of 6400 meters. Only with the improvement of the scientific research level of the earth can we have a better understanding of the earth we live on.

How deep is the deepest well in the world? In the Murmansk state of Northwest Russia, there is one of the deepest wells in the world. The well was designed in 1966 and constructed in 1970. It lasted 22 years and was shut down in 1992. The well depth is 12262 meters. There was no sudden shutdown, and people didn’t understand it.


When the well reached 7000 meters, scientists were surprised to find a large number of single celled fossils, waiting for further research. When drilling to about 9000 meters, we found a surface full of gold and diamonds. The quality of gold is very high. It can be seen that the underground is rich and colorful. There are a lot of resources and many unknown places waiting for human exploration.

The diameter of the earth is 12756 kilometers. At present, the deepest hole drilled by human beings is 12262 meters, so we can know a little bit about it. It’s mainly because it’s too difficult to drill deep into the hole. The temperature inside the earth is too high. The deeper it goes, the higher the temperature will be, which can reach 4000-8000 degrees Celsius. The bit we use now can’t bear such high temperature. Even if it can bear it, the rock inside is very hard, and it will lose its hard drilling ability because of the high temperature.


I believe that with the update of human equipment and the continuous development of science and technology, one day we will understand what the interior of the earth looks like, whether it is the underground world or the people who have been concerned about all the time.

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