What’s the secret of dreams? What do humans see in dreams have to do with parallel universes?

Dream is something everyone will experience. With the development of science and technology, the study of dream is more and more in-depth. Why do people dream? What is a dream? There are no answers to these questions. In some people’s cognition, they think that the emergence of dreams is not accidental. Maybe everything that human beings see in dreams has actually happened in another space. Is there a scientific basis for this?


More and more scientists think that parallel universes are real. Maybe there is a time-space tunnel in another space. It sounds crazy to say that there is a universe beyond the universe, but it is not unreasonable. If we are in the second universe, then everything we experience in the first universe will actually be projected into the present world, so everything we see in our dreams has actually been staged in the other world. I don’t know if you have such an experience. When we go to a strange place, we may feel a sense of familiarity. Maybe we have seen it in our dreams. Therefore, some people think that such a phenomenon can prove the existence of parallel universe. Our dreams actually have a kind of predictive ability.


Scientist’s guess


Is that really the case? Scientists have also studied dreams. They have put forward three hypotheses. The reason why humans dream is actually due to subconscious desire. With the improvement of living standards, people’s desire for survival is becoming more and more intense. In the light of daily life, there are always all kinds of temptations. In the real world, we can’t be satisfied, so after we fall asleep, our body and consciousness will all relax, and human desire will also be shown in the dream, which is actually a kind of catharsis.


The second kind of conjecture is what we call parallel universe. Throughout the universe, the quantum shapes observed by scientists are actually different. This may indicate that there are multiple universes in quantum, or there are multiple universes. When human beings enter a dream, the brain will be divided into two parts. One part of consciousness is still in the brain, while the other part of consciousness is in a free state.


The third kind of conjecture is lucid dream. Although human beings are in a state of deep sleep, we are also deeply aware that we are dreaming and trying to wake up from the dream, but we can’t do it. In such dreams, human beings become the masters of dreams and can control the development of dreams at any time.


Although everyone dreams, where does everything in the dream come from? At the present level of science and technology, it is very difficult for human beings to fully understand dreams. Maybe only when we achieve a qualitative breakthrough in science and technology in the future can we re recognize dreams. What do you think of these three guesses?

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