What’s the secret of the Mariana Trench? Scientist: mysterious prehistoric creatures at the bottom of the trench

What are the magical creatures in the deepest Mariana Trench in the world?


The Mariana Trench is located in the Western Pacific Ocean. It is known as the deepest ocean in the world, with a total length of 2550 km and a depth of more than 11 km. Even Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, will be submerged here. In the deepest part of the trench, high water pressure, dark, low temperature, low oxygen content, food resources are extremely scarce, so it has become one of the worst areas on earth.

For a long time, people take it for granted that in the depth of this trench, there is nothing, and it is impossible for organisms to survive here.


However, in 1957, scientists from the former Soviet Union took a detailed survey of the Mariana Trench on board the “vitaz”, and found life at a depth of 7000 meters. Until now, more and more evidence shows that there are a lot of life in the Mariana Trench, and many creatures are very strange.


On January 23, 1960, Swiss Explorer Jacques Picard and the U.S. Navy took the “Trieste” submarine to the depth of 11000 meters in the trench, also known as the “Challenger’s abyss”, which is the deepest record of human exploration of the seabed.

They spent nearly 20 minutes in the challenger’s abyss, and after landing, they announced to the world what they had found deep in the trench: there was life at the bottom of the trench. The news shocked the whole world. Because in such a deep place, the water pressure is more than 1000 times of the sea level, for such a strong water pressure, steel will be directly deformed, not to mention flesh and blood!


However, many years later, someone found Jacques’s diary and published its contents. The diary said that when he and the U.S. Navy went down, they saw a huge disc-shaped unknown creature, which disappeared after diving with them for a few minutes.


It is still unknown what species this creature is. Some people speculate that it may be the offspring of some ancient creatures. Because it lives in the deep of the trench, human beings can’t explore it, so it’s normal not to know.

In 1985, a research team from the United States launched a probe called “hedgehog” into the Mariana Trench and scanned it. At first, the detector was in normal condition, but when it went deeper, a strange sound came back to the researchers on the ground.


The researchers were frightened and quickly called back the detector, but the detector seemed to be seized by something and couldn’t move. After struggling for three hours, the instrument finally “escaped” back. Surprisingly, there was damage to the outside of the detector, as if it had been bitten by something, and the cable broke.


The detector that can stay in the deep of the trench has a certain resistance to water pressure. However, if such serious damage can still occur, how powerful creatures must be to create such a scene!

After analyzing the report of the researchers, some experts put forward their conjecture. They speculated that the powerful mysterious creature was probably megatooth shark.


Megatoothed shark is a top predator living in the ocean from the late Miocene 15 million years ago to the early Pleistocene 2.6 million years ago. It is now considered to be extinct. Their average length is 14 meters, weight is 40 tons, the maximum bite force can reach 20 tons. Paleontologists once called them “the strongest creatures in the history of the earth.”.


Surprisingly, scientists have also found a huge tooth at the bottom of the trench. After research, this is the tooth of megatooth shark. Do megatoothed sharks hide in the Mariana Trench all the time?

Xiao Bian thinks that the Mariana Trench is full of unknown and mysterious. However, the Mariana Trench is only a small miniature for the earth, and there are too many miracles for us to explore.

What do you think of the mysterious creatures deep in the Mariana Trench? Welcome to comment area.

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