What’s the secret of the Mona Lisa portrait? Now face brushing technology may be cracked!

What’s the secret of the Mona Lisa portrait? Now face brushing technology may be cracked!


Some scientific and technological products have sprung up. In order to better meet the needs of users, enterprises add a lot of functions to some electronic products. For example, the function of “face brushing technology”. We can pay, register or withdraw money through this function in our daily life, which greatly facilitates our life. So this function is so powerful, can it also be applied to other aspects?


The so-called “face brushing” function is mostly used by real people in real life. If our face is not real, but the face in the picture, can we also find it? Besides astronomy and science, Leonardo da Vinci is famous for his image of Mona Lisa. Many people even go to France far away in order to witness the true face of Mona Lisa’s smile.


The purpose of people going to the Louvre is to have a look at the Mona Lisa. It is preliminarily estimated that at least 6 million people go to see the Mona Lisa every year, which is a huge number. It can be seen that the Mona Lisa is really popular in the world. It is inevitable that there will be some discordant voices among some praise voices. For the protagonist in the painting, there are many versions which have been controversial, and the most popular one is that the man in the painting is the wife of an aristocrat.


With the improvement of science and technology, some instruments can even scan and perspective the Mona Lisa. After the application of this technology, something extraordinary has been discovered. The original Mona Lisa is not a person, but four women, her shape and expression are not the same. This is something we have never thought of. In order to better prove this, scientists have come up with a very advanced method, which is to use the modern “face brushing” function to scan the face of Mona Lisa, so as to crack some of her ideas.


Psychology points out that even if a person’s real emotions can be well concealed in his heart, they will be displayed by the micro expression on his face, and sometimes they can even express the most real thoughts in his heart. When a person is angry, even if very controlled, eyebrows will rise briefly, and the whole face will be in a tense state. There are about 43 kinds of muscles on the face, each of which can stretch and twist into different emotions, sometimes even hundreds. This means that people’s expressions are constantly changing, and even the micro expressions captured by machines are sometimes not completely correct.


Scientists have found that the Mona Lisa is in a state of extreme sadness. Perhaps her husband invited many comedians to perform for her in order to make her happy. People can’t laugh at her all the time. Later, thanks to Da Vinci’s continuous efforts, Mona Lisa’s expression changed a little and showed some smile. However, these smiles contain feelings of helplessness and sadness, so we can find that the Mona Lisa in the painting seems to be a state of not smiling. What do you think Mona Lisa had in her heart at that time? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area.

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