What’s the status of polar bears? The reason why three polar bears fight for food is thought-provoking!

All things in the world should follow the rules of nature. With the development of human industrial civilization, the balance of ecological environment is gradually broken. As a land of no owners covered by ice and snow all the year round, the Arctic circle was once a silent and sacred place. With the rapid deterioration of the earth, we have also seen many strange phenomena. Some time ago, some scientists saw a picture, and the scene in the picture was moving people.


“Polar bear war”

This photo was taken by a photographer from Sweden. In the picture, we see three polar bears fighting a fierce battle for food. After catching the seal, the second polar bear was enjoying the food. After eating more than half of it, the other polar bear came. It wasn’t long before the third polar bear came into the picture. The three polar bears were rubbing their hands for food. Maybe the food sources are too scarce. It didn’t take long for the three bears to share the rest of the food.


Seeing such a picture, many people feel very sorry that the Arctic has always been a place far away from us. There is heavy ice and snow here. Polar bears have become the overlord of the Arctic. They can catch seals and have a good meal after hiding behind the glacier. I didn’t expect that it would be reduced to fighting for food now. It can be seen that the survival ability of polar bears is getting weaker and weaker, and the environment of the Arctic circle has undergone earth shaking changes. Scientists have also found such a phenomenon that if polar bears have no food, they will even go to human living areas, which is likely to harm human beings. Therefore, the living situation of polar bears is still very serious.


The future of polar bear

Scientists have predicted that according to the melting rate of glaciers, polar bears are likely to disappear on earth by 2100 due to unsuitable environment and lack of food. Such words are not alarmist. With the melting of sea ice, polar bears lack protective umbrellas when hunting, so it is easy to be found by seals, so they can catch less and less food, and it is very difficult for polar bears to have a full meal.


Due to the destruction of the habitat, the breeding capacity of polar bears began to decline. Especially in 2020, Siberia will have a rare high temperature in 80000 years, Arctic wildfires will break out frequently, and there is no place to go. Extreme natural disasters will accelerate the disappearance of polar bears.


After seeing this phenomenon, we are also worried that the reason why polar bears face such a situation is human beings themselves. If the earth’s environment continues to deteriorate, the sea level will continue to rise after the sea ice disappears, and many countries will also submerge in the ocean. We may have to repeat the fate of polar bears. What do you think?

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