What’s the taste of eating the earth? Is it sea salt or spicy noodles

For human beings, eating is the first important thing in life, because eating will provide us with the power to survive. Therefore, with the continuous development of science and technology, we have more time to study how to eat and what to eat, which has led to the extinction or near extinction of many organisms in the past century.


So one day, when our technology is powerful enough to eat the earth, what will be the feeling process of eating the earth?

The first thing to smell is the smell of the earth. We put the earth into a huge spoon first, and we will smell the spicy noodles mixed with the earth. This is because the outermost layer of the earth is the atmosphere, ionosphere, ozone layer and cosmic dust, which will float into your nose and constantly stimulate your sense of smell.


The second is to bite the first bite of the earth. Because about 70% of the earth is sea water, you will feel the bitterness of sea water and the taste of sea salt. If you bite the land, you will feel all kinds of stone mountains, ice cold and sweet snow mountains, and crisp power transmission lines.


If you continue to chew the earth, you will bite the crust. The first reaction must be to scald your mouth. Under the crust, there is a hot mantle and a hotter core. When you continue to chew the earth, the taste will no longer exist, leaving only the stinging upper teeth hall. The high temperature will quickly evaporate the water in saliva and oral mucosa. At this time, the nose should be rapidly emitting steam, and the hot steam will also burn the nasal cavity The mucous membrane, the sense of smell also disappeared.

The last thing is to swallow the earth. Because the body can’t digest the earth, the earth directly ejects from your body and falls into a nearby star, triggering a huge wave of thermonuclear reactions several times larger than the largest known corona.


It has to be said that swallowing a large ball of iron, silicon, oxygen and aluminum is not a very good job. It is not easy to eat the earth.


But the universe is full of strange things. We human beings can’t eat the earth. There will always be something to eat. After all, all things are interdependent, and the thing that can eat the earth is black hole.

Black hole is the most powerful and mysterious celestial body known by human beings. The strength of black hole lies in its huge mass and extremely high density. Its powerful gravity can devour all objects, including the earth. After eating, it digests very well, and you can’t find its excretion. And the mystery of black holes is that we can never get a glimpse of what’s inside them.


Although there is no black hole found near the earth, it does not mean that the earth is safe. According to the research of scientists, black holes are not all formed by the collapse of stars. Scientists generally believe that there is a primary black hole in the universe. The so-called primary black hole means that it is a black hole itself, and it has no previous life as a star.


So for us, this kind of primary black hole is undoubtedly a potential danger in the universe. You don’t know when one will be born next to the earth and eat it.

Fortunately, the universe is wide enough that even if such a small black hole exists, the probability of it coming near the earth is extremely low. And with the progress of science, in the future, even if there is a black hole near the earth, we can respond in time and come up with a way to deal with it.


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