What’s wrong with America? Hundreds of thousands of birds “died mysteriously”, so far the cause has not been found out!

Since 2020, many countries have suffered from natural disasters to varying degrees. Since last month, a strange phenomenon has appeared in New Mexico. A large number of birds have died mysteriously. According to the data of scientists, the number of dead birds has reached several 100000, and the specific cause of death has not yet been determined. This phenomenon is even worse for the United States. Wildfires have not been put out, and a large number of birds have continued to die. What’s the matter?


Hundreds of thousands of birds died

Since August, dead birds have appeared near the White Sands Missile Range and the National Monument in the United States, and there are also groups of dead birds in socoro, Roswell and other places. According to a scientist named Desmond, this phenomenon is not a good omen. Roughly speaking, the number of dead birds has reached 100000, and the number of undetected birds may reach millions. There are many kinds of dead birds, all of which are migratory birds. The long-term living birds in these places are not affected. These birds make some abnormal behaviors before they die. They no longer look for food from trees, but run to the ground. Some birds have no spirit and will be killed by cars when they hunt on the ground.


What is the cause of death?


At first, scientists believed that the death of these birds may be related to the launch of missiles from the shooting range. At that time, only a dozen birds died every week. Now, the number of birds died every week has reached hundreds. Scientists realized that this problem is not so simple. They think that the death of these birds may be related to the continuous burning wildfires in the United States.

The fire situation in the United States


According to the current situation, California fire has stretched for hundreds of kilometers, a lot of smoke shrouded in the city, even the sky has been dyed orange red. A large number of branches were burned to ashes, and these red birds had to migrate ahead of time. Because they had not reached the time to clear the river and had not enough fat storage, they died in the process of cleaning.


It is also believed that the fire caused a lot of smoke. These birds in the process of flying, inhaled harmful gases in the air, leading to lung damage and death. Today’s temperature is rising, which is no doubt that the continuous burning fire is pouring oil on the snow, the precipitation is significantly reduced, the birds lack the necessary food sources, and it may also lead to death.

Of course, these are also the conjectures made by scientists in view of the current environmental situation. How these birds died is still uncertain. In order to find out the cause of their death, scientists are also calling on the American people to help collect more bird carcasses. After these bird carcasses are sent to the Research Institute, more detailed studies can be carried out to determine the cause of their death. What do you think?

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