What’s wrong with carbon dioxide? Many high temperature, ocean acidification is quietly all over the earth!

What’s wrong with carbon dioxide? Many high temperature, ocean acidification is quietly all over the earth!


The earth is in motion all the time, the flow of the ocean, the change of the land, these visible changes, appear in front of our eyes, have a great visual impact. Since 2020, the earth’s climate change is extremely obvious, especially global warming. Scientists attribute all the reasons to carbon dioxide emissions, which is a kind of greenhouse gas. According to statistics, tens of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide are emitted every year, which is the root cause of the greenhouse effect. As a result, the temperature in many places rises sharply, and the average temperature in each area is several degrees higher than before.


In fact, the relationship between human beings and the ocean has been unclear. It can be said that the relationship between human beings and the ocean is still in chaos. The ocean is the living treasure of marine organisms, which contains countless treasures. When human beings survey it through detectors and marine equipment, they find an unknown scene in the depths of the seabed. The temperature chamber effect has not been alleviated, and scientists find that there is a big danger lurking around human beings, that is It’s ocean acidification. What’s wrong with carbon dioxide? Many high temperature, ocean acidification is quietly all over the earth!


What is ocean acidification?


What is ocean acidification? It means that seawater absorbs a large amount of carbon dioxide, resulting in the decrease of pH concentration. Anyone who has been in contact with physics knows that. Carbon dioxide reacts with water to form carbonic acid. Nowadays, there are so many carbon dioxide emissions in every corner of the earth, and the ocean is inevitable. PH represents the concentration coefficient of hydrogen ion, which ranges from 0 to 14. 0 represents the highest acidity, 14 represents the highest alkalinity, and pH7 represents the neutral.


Under normal circumstances, the pH concentration of seawater is 8.1, but due to the influence of human activities, the pH concentration of seawater is changing these years, which means that the acidification of seawater is in progress, and the main culprit is carbon dioxide. In recent years, excessive deforestation and large-scale exploitation of fossil fuels have led to the increase of carbon dioxide in the air.


How to restrain the emission of carbon dioxide?


It’s not just the rise of global temperature, but also the ocean area. Ocean acidification will damage the marine ecological environment, especially the shellfish, whose shells will become more fragile and slower to grow. More and more marine organisms are facing great challenges. At present, scientists are eager to solve the problem of ocean acidification. If the emission of carbon dioxide can not be controlled, the scene will be out of control for a time. The invasion of high temperature and ocean acidification are quietly infiltrating our lives.


The largest area on the earth is the ocean. Once the marine environment is completely polluted and acidified, all marine organisms will face a catastrophe, and even human beings can not escape it. Human beings should think about how to suppress carbon dioxide. Seeing that its emissions are getting higher and higher, human beings are helpless. These problems are closely related to human behavior and activities. Human beings should shoulder the responsibility instead of blindly escaping. Otherwise, everything will turn back to human beings. What do you know about ocean acidification? You can leave a message for interaction.

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