What’s wrong with human vision? Why do you see many objects as human faces? Scientist: that’s a good thing!

I don’t know if you have such experience in your life. When we see some sockets, we will recognize the socket hole as a human face. Even the white clouds in the sky and the walls of a house may be recognized as human faces. In fact, in life, all people have this feeling, which can be explained in science. The reason why human beings produce this kind of visual error is actually caused by the utopian misperception of human face.


Photos on Mars


It is this magical phenomenon that makes it easy for us to imagine some objects in our life as faces with eyes and mouths. In addition to things on earth, things in the universe may also be recognized as human faces. Since the last century, human beings have launched satellites into the universe, and satellites have sent us a large number of photos of the planet. One of the photos caught the attention of the scientists. In the photo, a small hill is like a human face. There is not only a hole on both sides, but also a part of protrusion in the middle of the two holes. It is like a human face. This photo is also known as the face of Mars, which leads many people to think that there is life on Mars. Why does this happen to humans?


Why do humans mistake adult faces?


Scientists have also analyzed this phenomenon of human beings. They believe that human beings mistook some features for human faces, which is actually a manifestation of brain adaptation. Human beings not only recognize these things as human faces, but also judge their mood and information according to their own consciousness. For example, in the following picture, an ordinary brick, we recognize it as a human face. On the contrary, we can see that this face is a little surprised.


After further research by scientists, they found that this phenomenon is not exclusive to human beings, but also occurs in many primates. For example, we are familiar with the rhesus monkey, they will have nothing to do with the nature of the figure mistaken for a face.


The power of evolution


Scientists believe that human beings’ ability to mistake objects for human faces is actually a kind of ability, which is very important in the process of human evolution. In ancient times, people can judge each other’s emotions by their expressions. It can be said that the rapid and accurate discovery of human faces is a great advantage in the process of human evolution. Our ancestors not only can judge each other’s emotions, but also can quickly find the world and escape in time, and finally survive. Those who can’t judge their faces can only be eliminated slowly.


In our modern view, this ability is still very interesting. Of course, looking at life objects as human faces will not affect our lives. If we can’t judge certain objects, this is the most fatal weakness. What do you think?

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