What’s wrong with the earth in 2020? It’s hard to look back at the pictures!

Will the weather change dramatically in 2020, with heavy snow in June, or will the earth usher in an ice age?


Now half of 2020 has passed. In the past six months, we have obviously felt the change of the earth. Global warming, marine pollution and other issues have reached the point of no delay. The most intuitive feeling of many small partners is the rising temperature. The weather is much hotter than in the past. All these are closely related to the rising global temperature.


The impact of global warming


Global warming leads to the rise of sea level, but also affects the climate. The temperature in many areas has been breaking through continuously. At the same time, there are many places where it is snowing and the temperature continues to drop. This is obviously an abnormal situation. According to the normal trend, June and July are supposed to be hot seasons. How can there be heavy snow? What is the cause of this snowfall? Will the weather change dramatically in 2020, with heavy snow in June, or will the earth usher in an ice age?


Many people may think that it is related to the sudden attack of cold air. The appearance of cold air has really brought huge impact. Heavy snow once reached 5-10 cm in thickness in areas above 2700 meters above sea level, which has brought serious problems to local residents. It is not only inconvenient to walk, but also causes great economic losses. They have to put on cotton padded jacket in this hot season. What people don’t want to see is that the temperature in the Arctic has actually exceeded 38 degrees Celsius, which is the highest temperature in history. Both the north and south poles are at the extremes of the earth, and the temperature is low all the year round. Today’s straight-line rise in temperature is not necessarily a good thing.


Disaster in 2020


Since 2020, the emergence of disasters has brought great trouble to human life. Whether it is climate change or the impact of the environment, people are caught off guard. This is just the beginning. The earth is likely to enter the ice age in the future. Before the early days, the earth had entered the ice age. Countless animals and plants were homeless and had to worry about food and clothing all the time. If the earth really entered the ice age again, human beings would suffer.


To put it bluntly, all of these are caused by human beings. Many details in our life that we don’t pay attention to cause great load on the earth. For example, the garbage that we litter is piling up over time. We even put our claws into the ocean. The exhaust gas from factories and cars can easily cause the greenhouse effect, lead to global warming, and endanger the safety of human beings All. If the gas is not absorbed for a long time, the function of the body will be seriously damaged.


Today’s oxygen is more and more scarce, and it is replaced by more and more difficult to absorb gas. Once ingested into the human body, it will bring inevitable consequences. Everyone should start from himself and pay attention to the protection of the earth’s environment. Only by solving the problem from the root, the earth will become better and better. Otherwise, all this will eventually revenge on human beings, and we will regret it at that time there’s not enough time. What do you think of today’s extreme climate and environmental pollution? You can leave a message for interaction.

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