When a man’s head is cut off, can he still feel it? Lavoisier got the answer with his life!

When a man’s head is cut off, can he still feel it? Lavoisier got the answer with his life!


On the road of scientific and technological exploration, countless great men have emerged on the earth. They have made outstanding contributions and devoted their whole lives to science, leaving behind many inventions and theories. Even many scientists in the last moment of life, still emitting heat. Einstein, Hawking and so on are impressive. They provide more ideas for human beings to explore the universe. Many people are very envious of their brains and try to find out the secrets in their brains. They are really talents and have made great contributions to the scientific community. It’s hard to say a few words.


The human brain is a key component of the body, and the existence of the human brain is very important. Once there was a big hole in the human brain, and an idea was put forward, if a person was beheaded, would he still be conscious? In order to find out the answer, the scientist lavassie made bold experiments with his own life. Lavassie was very curious about the human head. Once the human head was cut off, would he still feel it? No one can know. After all, who cares about these at the moment of death? When a man’s head is cut off, can he still feel it? Lavoisier got the answer with his life!


Do you still feel your head cut off?


In ancient times, there was a cruel way of death penalty, that is, beheading. It can quickly separate the head from the body, without thinking time. In order to make these prisoners die more happily, many kings also made faster tools for beheading. As human beings understand more and more about the structure of the human body, we also know that the brain is perceptive. At the moment of beheading, there is also a time It’s just that no one can confirm the feeling of certainty, but Lavoisier gives the answer with his life.


Before his execution, tell the people around him to record the blinking times of his eyelids after cutting off his head, so as to judge whether his brain is conscious after being cut off? It is said that at that time, someone recorded that his eyes blinked 11 times for 10 seconds after his head fell to the ground. That is to say, there was perception in 10 to 15 seconds after a man’s head was beheaded. This view is highly controversial in the scientific community.


The relationship between beheading and consciousness


Some experts judge that this is because after the head is cut off, people have a trace of blood oxygen. Once the energy is exhausted, there will be no activity. At that time, blinking was just barely moving. One thing we should pay attention to is that after the brain is cut off, people’s pain can be clearly felt. In addition, we need to understand the relationship between life and consciousness. Human consciousness comes from the brain. If there is no brain, consciousness will dissipate.


This experiment of Lavoisier subverts everyone’s cognition. I didn’t expect that there are people who love science so much in the world and are willing to use their lives to find unknown answers. At present, experts are deeply studying human consciousness. If we can make clear the relationship between human brain and consciousness, maybe all these mysteries can be revealed. In the face of this experiment by Lavoisier, many people feel heartache. A scientist has contributed all his blood to science. This spirit deserves everyone’s admiration, but it’s too extreme. What do you think of the experiment? You can leave a message for interaction.

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