When a wolf takes away a human baby, why not eat it immediately and raise it instead?

When a wolf takes away a human baby, why not eat it immediately and raise it instead?


How many mothers in the world don’t love their children? When we are in danger, we will spare no effort to protect our children. From some natural disasters, we can clearly see that human society and animal world will show more compassion at the moment of birth.


There is no doubt that human beings have consciousness and can think independently. The most important thing is that human beings have five emotions and six desires, which are much higher than other creatures. In fact, animals also have feelings. When their children discard them, they will try every means to snatch the children of other animals. There are many stories about wolves taking away human babies in history. Many people think that wolves will kill children directly. In fact, do you really know about wolves? When a wolf takes away a human baby, why not eat it immediately and raise it instead?


The ancestor of wolf is Maltese beast. Maltese beast is not only the ancestor of wolf, but also the common ancestor of feline, canine and other animals. Wolf is a kind of gregarious animal. Usually, seven wolves are in groups. Wolves are also in the form of nuclear families. In wolf families, some immature wolves will be adopted. These human babies taken away by wolves are called Wolf children. They often grow up in wolves, so many habits are very similar to Wolves.


They are different from wolves in that they also have human characteristics. They can walk upright and howl every night. This is the corresponding change of body function caused by the change of environment. According to the survey, there are more than 10 known wolf children. Why don’t these wolves take away the babies and kill them? Scientists have learned that many wolves are in a state of protection when they pick up babies, and they don’t want to eat them. The cry of young babies can produce maternal love, especially for many wolves who are lactating.


Because it has enough milk, the baby instinctively makes sucking behavior, so the wolf will give birth to compassion, act as a human baby mother role, slowly raise it, but also teach it some survival skills, whether people or animals are emotional, sometimes with animals for a long time, they will have a dependence on people. All things in the world are spiritual. They often don’t provoke animals, and they seldom attack human beings. The earth is the common home of animals and human beings. It is the best to maintain a peaceful coexistence relationship.


It is because of this familiarity that wolves bring up human babies and behave well. However, this is only a few cases. Not all wolves bring up human babies. There are also many cases where wolves eat human babies, so remember not to try it easily. What do you know about wolf children? You can leave a message for interaction.

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