When did human evolution begin? Will it continue in the future?

The earth is a beautiful planet of life, there are more than millions of creatures, and among the many creatures, only the human intelligence life. Since ancient times, human beings have been studying the origin of human beings. At that time, people also wanted to understand how human beings came? So there are a lot of ancient myths and stories, such as Nuwa’s creation of human, that human beings are created by God.

However, with the continuous development of mankind, hundreds of years ago we entered the road of scientific and technological development. With the advent of science and technology, people begin to rethink the origin of life and human beings. In the middle of the 19th century, Darwin founded the scientific theory of biological evolution, taking natural selection as the core, made a materialistic and regular interpretation of the occurrence and development of the whole biological world for the first time, overturned the dominant position of idealist metaphysics such as creationism in biology, and made a revolution in Biology.

The emergence of Darwin’s theory of evolution makes people understand that the core rule of life is evolution. Any modern species is evolved from the simplest primitive life, and human nature is no exception. One may ask: when did human evolution begin? Will it continue in the future?


In fact, it is difficult to have a definite answer to the starting point of human evolution. If we analyze it from different angles, we will get a different answer. If we start from Homo sapiens, the ancestor of modern humans, then the starting point of human evolution should be 1 million years ago, because early Homo sapiens had appeared in Africa at that time.

But how did these Homo sapiens come from? So we have to move forward. This is the time when we parted ways with our chimpanzee ancestors, which is 10 million years old. Ten million years ago, the ancestors of humans, Australopithecus, and chimpanzee, Rama, had a difference in survival. The Rama ape continued to live in the forest, while the southern ape, the ancestor of human beings, decided to go out of the forest and start a new life.

In fact, the reason why Australopithecus came out of the forest was that the area of the forest was constantly decreasing due to the changes of natural ecology at that time. If they continued to stay in the forest, it would be difficult for them to survive. In order to be able to eat and survive, Australopithecus was forced to leave the forest and go to plain life.

Some people may say that the ancient ape left in the forest did not evolve and has been the chimpanzee of today. Is that really the case? In fact, this cognition is totally wrong. The modern chimpanzee is totally different from the Lama ape thousands of years ago. There is no comparison in appearance or wisdom. Modern chimpanzees are much smarter than Rama apes.


It can be seen that Australopithecus going out of the forest is evolving, and so is Rama remaining in the forest. The reason why chimpanzees did not evolve into intelligent life is that they were not lucky enough to get a key gene mutation. Scientists found that chimpanzees and humans have 99.4% genetic similarity.

Only 0.6% of the human gene pool is different from that of chimpanzees, but in the end, two completely different species have been created. Human beings have become intelligent life and the overlord of the earth. Chimpanzees, on the other hand, are ordinary animals and can only continue to live in the forest. It can be seen that although the ancestors of human beings and chimpanzees live in plains and forests, the speed and trend of evolution have not changed much.

It’s just that human beings are very lucky to have a gene mutation at some time. It’s this mutation that makes human beings completely reborn and go to the road of intelligent evolution. So, from this point of time, the starting point of human evolution may be 3 million years ago.


If you go back, it’s time for mammals. As we all know, human beings are mammals, and mammals are the mainstream of modern biology, occupying a major position. So who are the ancestors of mammals and when were they born? By studying the fossils of “Chinese Jurassic mother” unearthed in Liaoning Province, scientists believe that this mouse like animal 160 million years ago is the ancestor of mammals and, of course, is very likely the ancestor of human beings.

Is it over here? Of course not. How did mammals come into being? If we go all the way back, we have to go back to the beginning of life: cells. As we all know, the earliest life on earth began with single cell primitive life, about 3.8 billion years ago. At that time, the earth’s warm ecological environment finally gave birth to single celled organisms.

After a long period of evolution, these unicellular organisms have gradually differentiated into fungi, plants and animals. In the animal kingdom, from unicellular to multicellular, then to coelenterates, molluscs, arthropods, chordates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and even to lactating animals, the evolution of each link has the shadow of human evolution.

It can be seen from this that the birth of human beings is not an easy thing, and it can not be completed only by millions of years. This is a multi billion year evolutionary cycle. At the same time, we need to understand that life is endless and evolution is endless. There is no upper limit to the evolution of life. Although modern humans are already very smart, the road of evolution will continue.


The evolution of life is a long process, and it is difficult to see obvious changes in a short time. For example, there will be no obvious changes between human beings and modern people after 1000 years, and there may be only slight differences between human beings and modern people after 10000 years. But if it is 100000 years later, millions of years later, the change will be very big. This is the result of evolution.

Of course, this is the result of natural evolution. If it is unnatural evolution, the future of human beings may be full of many variables. We all know that human beings have entered the era of science and technology, and the power of science and technology is infinite. Through science and technology, we can uncover the mystery of life evolution. When human beings have mastered the mystery of life evolution, then we can choose the direction and speed of evolution independently through gene technology.

The evolution of natural selection is not always good, and many times there will be some bad evolution. And the speed of evolution is very long, but human beings can choose the direction of evolution independently through genetic technology, remove the bad evolution, and the speed of evolution will be very fast. It may take a single dose of medicine to complete the evolution that nature has been able to achieve for millions of years.


Thus, with the continuous development of science and technology, the future evolution of mankind is also full of more unknowns. If this is the case, then hundreds of thousands of years, millions of years later, the appearance of human beings and modern people may not have much change, but the interior will be earth shaking changes. In the future, the level of human life will continue to upgrade and become a higher level of life. In order to explore the universe, interstellar migration and even dominate the universe, we need a strong body.

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