When herbivores meet carnivores, why don’t they resist and choose to flee?

The earth is a life world rich in species. In addition to intelligent life, there are millions of different kinds of creatures. Among them, plants and animals are the two most common kinds of life in nature. Besides regulating the earth’s ecosystem, plants play a more important role in meeting the energy needs of herbivores.

I believe many friends know that animals are also divided into herbivores and carnivores. The species and quantity of herbivores are far more than carnivores. For example, sheep, chicken, rabbit and wild boar are all herbivores, while wolves, lions and tigers are carnivores. Every friend should know that there is a biological chain in nature, that is, herbivores eat grass, carnivores eat herbivores, and carnivores also have their own biological chain.

In the animal kingdom with rich species, we will find a very strange natural phenomenon, that is, once herbivores meet carnivores, they will immediately flee. There was once an interesting topic: why don’t herbivores resist? Some people may say that herbivores are weak and can’t beat powerful carnivores at all.


Are herbivores weak? In fact, some herbivores are very weak. They have no resistance to the fierce predators. It’s normal for them to run away. But in the herbivore world, there are some animals with strong physique, such as wild boar and bison.

I believe friends all know that wild boar and bison are herbivores with strong combat effectiveness. If the wolf confronts the bison head-on, the probability of final victory will be bison. But the bison, which have good fighting power, will be scared to flee when they meet tigers and lions. The slow ones will become the food of tigers and lions.

If the wild cattle do not run away, they gather together to fight against the tiger. The lion believes that the final victory will be the buffalo group, not the tiger lion. Why do the more powerful bison run away from predators without resistance? Some people may say that tigers and lions are the dominant creatures at the top of the food chain, and it’s normal for bison to be afraid when they see them.

However, the fighting power of wild wolves is far less than that of tigers and lions, or bison. When bison encounter wolves, they will not fight first, but panic and flee. This makes a lot of people puzzled, herbivores just like this? I believe many friends have thought about this problem, so why on earth? Is it a kind of blood suppression?


Maybe many friends who like to read some online novels will know the word “blood suppression”, which means that when low-level blood encounters high-level blood, they will feel fear and fear from the heart. Even if a very large low-level blood creature encounters a newborn high-level blood baby, it does not dare to attack easily, because its blood will make it feel scared.

So does the suppression of blood described in the novel exist in the real nature? At present, scientists have not given a definite answer to this question. It is possible that there is a certain blood influence between carnivores and carnivores. Today we look at this issue from another perspective.

Energy is the foundation of any living thing


In this regard, I believe friends are recognized, whether it is plants or animals, their survival is inseparable from energy. Plants produce energy through photosynthesis and store it in plant cells. Herbivores get the energy they need to survive by eating plants, digesting and utilizing the nutrients in plants.

If carnivores want to get energy, they can only do it from herbivores, thus forming the biological chain of nature. The formation of the biological chain is actually the transfer of energy, through the plant step by step to herbivores, carnivores transfer. In the process of this transfer, the degree of energy enrichment is different.

I believe many friends understand the law of conservation of energy. The energy in nature will not disappear completely. They will continue to circulate in the ecosystem. As the energy body at the bottom of the biological chain, the energy accumulated by plants will continue to transfer to the pyramid like biological chain. Plant energy is transferred to herbivores and stored in their bodies.

Then the carnivores absorb the energy from the herbivores through predation and enrich it in their own bodies. Therefore, in terms of energy intensity, the energy accumulated in the carnivores is the most powerful, because the energy produced by the bottom plants is basically enriched in the carnivores.


Energy represents great power and strength

The more energy there is, the greater strength there is, and the stronger strength there is. I believe everyone agrees with this. Our development of science and technology is actually the continuous development of the application of energy. We can go out of the earth and explore the universe by relying on the powerful application of energy. The more powerful the energy is, the more powerful human science and technology are. The same principle applies to the biological chain.

In the biological chain, which kind of organism accumulates more energy, the more powerful it is. The reason why tigers and lions can become the king of forests and the fifth of grasslands is that they can accumulate the most energy in their bodies and have the strongest fighting capacity. We all know that the animal world is a world of the jungle, herbivores can only rely on eating grass to get energy, so the energy in the body is far less than that of carnivores.


Even larger herbivores like bison don’t have as much energy as wolves. In fact, the energy in herbivorous animals is different from that in carnivorous animals. Besides the quantity, the quality of energy may also be different.

Carnivores have higher levels of stored energy, and this difference in energy quality may be the blood described in the novel. If the energy of low quality is touched by the energy of high quality, there may be an innate fear and fear. So although the bison is much bigger than the wolf, the energy in the body may not be weaker than the wolf, but because the energy quality is very different, the bison will also feel afraid when it encounters the wolf, I’m afraid that it will choose to escape first.

Will human eating carnivores be more powerful?

Seeing this, I believe that many young friends will have such an idea, that is, if humans often eat carnivores, can they confront tigers and lions with their bare hands? From the perspective of the biological chain, human beings are the overlord at the highest level. The energy in the whole biological chain should eventually be enriched in the human body. According to the truth, even if human beings do not rely on science and technology, they can resist lions and tigers.


But the truth is that we all know that without weapons, we are not rivals of tigers and lions at all. Even if it’s a wolf, ordinary people can’t deal with it. Although we are the overlord at the top of the biological chain, our physical strength is not at the top. In this case, many people may say that it is because human beings are intelligent creatures, and the main evolution is intelligence, not physical strength.

This is also a reason. In fact, there is another reason for this situation, that is, the main food of human beings is plants and herbivores. I believe many friends will find the fact that the meat we eat is basically herbivores, and there are few carnivores. Some people may say that there are fewer and fewer carnivores. They are all protected animals. Who dares to eat them?

In fact, this reason is not tenable. Our ancestors seldom ate carnivores. We should know that many animals are very rare and have become protected animals. But in ancient times, there were a lot of tigers and lions, and there were a lot of carnivores. Even so, people in ancient times rarely ate carnivores, mainly herbivores. Why?


Carnivores enrich more energy than herbivores. Why are herbivores the main source of energy since ancient times? One reason is that carnivores generally have strong attack power. It takes time and effort for human beings to overcome it, and there is a certain degree of danger. In addition, there is another reason that eating carnivores is not good for human health.

In the process of energy transfer in the biological chain, in fact, there is another substance that is constantly transferring upward, that is toxin. Every plant has some toxins, which first enter into herbivores and then into carnivores. So in addition to enriching more energy, carnivores also enrich more toxins.

If we are mainly carnivores, then more toxins will enter our bodies, beyond the detoxification ability of the human body. So our ancestors summed up these experiences through continuous practice, which animals can eat and which animals can’t.

In today’s scientific and technological civilization, many rich people like to eat some carnivores. As a result, they spend money to suffer from crimes and get sick. Therefore, we should eat more healthy green vegetables, because the toxin concentration in plants is the lightest, and it can be disinfected after entering the human body. When you want to eat meat, you must choose herbivores, such as chicken, duck, cattle and sheep.


After reading the above, I believe my friends have gained a lot of insight. If you think this article is well written, you are welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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