When human beings explore the earth, what have they fallen asleep under 13000 meters of deep soil layer by layer

In the 1970s, Russian scientists made a bold assumption that the earth would be dug through and 12000 meters would be drilled in the KORA peninsula. To know that this is deeper than the world’s deepest trench, the Mariana Trench (- 10994m), how deep is the earth? What is the earth under our feet? Let’s have a look with Xiao Bian today!


2m is the distance that Chinese people pay attention to when they are buried in the earth, and it is also the depth of the normal grave. The grave is the earth bag on the surface, and the grave is the pit where the coffin is stored.


-4m to – 10m are the tombs of the Egyptian Pharaons tantuka and other Pharaons. Compared with the Chinese emperors, the depth is not a bit less, which may also be cheaper for many “businessmen”.


-12m is the deepest hole that can be dug by surface creatures. The Nile crocodile is the architect of this great project. In order to protect its cubs, as well as to avoid the heat, it dug out this huge deep hole with its short limbs.

-18m is the underground city of Beijing’s 49 cities. 85 square kilometers of large air defense fortifications have been closed for renovation.


-20m is the root of the world’s known biological tree Albizia julibrissin, and it is also the catacombs in Paris, France. It is a cemetery with nearly 6 million skeletons.


-40m is the deepest swimming pool in the world. It is located in Italy. It applied for the Guinness Book of records in 2016. Friends with claustrophobia should be careful, because underwater, it is more like a bottomless hole.

-60m, the underground city of dairinkuyu, in gremee, Europe. In fact, the highest floor is about 40m away from the ground, but it has 18-20 floors, and only 8 floors open to the outside world. It includes schools, palaces, hospitals, etc. But the people who built it are always a mystery.


-100m is a node, because it is a normal human control area, where nuclear waste and some highly polluting waste are stored. This depth is also the deepest subway station in the world, which is located in North Korea’s Kiev Arsenal station.


-155m is the number for travel lovers to remember by knocking on the blackboard, because it is the deepest hotel in the world, Sala Silver Mine Hotel in Sweden.

-500m is the closest distance to the surface of the Qin Shihuang Mausoleum as we all know, and its bottom is at least 1500m away from the surface.



-1410m is the deepest concert stage in the world in Finland.

-1624m is the deepest lake in the world, and its name, if you are a fan of Li Jian, you will know that the Bank of Baikal Lake is the most poetic place and the most affectionate edge.



-10994m is the depth of the deepest trench mentioned at the beginning.

-12376m is the deepest oil well in the world.

-13000m is a terrible number, because it is the deepest cave formed naturally. It is located in a cave called kulupoyala in the arabeka mountains. Scientists discovered 1 / 3 of the caves and found some transparent fish and dark creatures.

If you look at these figures and think that human beings are very close to the center of the earth, you are very wrong! The radius of the earth is 6371000 meters, which is less than 1 / 12 of human exploration. How to explore the energy in the center of the earth and the underground mineral resources will always be a topic for human to conquer. We also hope that the adventure in the center of the earth will come true one day earlier!

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