When human genes are implanted into monkey embryos, the brain evolves rapidly. What will they evolve into?

Human beings can survive the cruel natural evolution, stand at the top of the food chain, and become the new overlord on the earth. It is not the advantage of body shape and strong survival ability, but a brain with infinite wisdom. If compared with the whole nature, the brain is not the heaviest, but the area of the cerebral cortex occupies a large part of the human body. The larger the area of the cerebral cortex, the more neurons and brain cells will be born.


The human brain


Even in the long process of evolution, the brain has gradually developed, and human beings have also evolved the ability of language and logical thinking. It is the emergence of these abilities that makes human beings and other creatures change. Compared with some large mammals, the human brain is like a bean, but the cerebral cortex of these large mammals is much smaller than that of humans. This is because the human brain is full of many folds, which can make humans think and work better. However, although the cerebral cortex of other animals is larger than that of humans, its surface is very smooth .


This is true even in gorillas with the highest genetic similarity to humans. Although we share a common ancestor, gorilla brains do not have as many folds as humans. 4.5 million years ago, humans separated from chimpanzees, and mutations in genes led to brain development. According to fossils unearthed by scientists, Lucy, the ancestor of human beings, has a brain only 30% of the size of modern human brain. But Lucy had learned to walk upright, and her brain changed. By 1.8 million years ago, the human brain was twice the size of Australopithecus, and simple tools were being used.


Human specific genes


At that time, scientists also had a question: what is the reason for the gradual enlargement of the human brain? After a long time of analysis, scientists finally have the answer. They found that there is a special gene in the human body. It is the existence of this gene that leads to the production of many neurons in the brain. It is these neurons that make more and more folds in the cerebral cortex. If it’s the gene, what will happen if the gene is implanted into other animals?


Scientists’ experiments


Scientists chose experimental mice, they implanted this gene in mouse embryos, and found that the brain of the mice began to change, and more neurons formed in the brain of the mice. Because the experiment was unethical and unethical, embryonic mice were not born successfully, and scientists did not continue their research. To be sure, it is the emergence of this gene that has led to the evolution of the human brain and paved the way for human beings to step onto the stage of history. Although this mouse experiment has not been fully studied, some time ago, scientists focused their attention on primates. They selected the cashmere monkey, which is far away from human beings, and inserted the gene into the marmoset embryo to see if it will change.


Scientists have been closely observing marmosets. After 102 days of embryonic development, scientists found that although there were not many folds in marmosets’ brains, there were dents and bulges in their cerebral cortex. It seems that human genes do play an irreplaceable role. Scientists believe that if the experimental object is a chimpanzee, then the experimental effect will be more obvious, but for long-term consideration, this experiment can not start and end, and these marmoset embryos are not born safely.


So it’s a coincidence that human beings can be the overlord of the earth. If scientists allow these animals that have accepted human genes to survive, will it happen in science fiction movies? If these animals have consciousness, will they replace human beings? After all, we have common ancestors. If they really have consciousness, is it good or bad for human beings? Many people think that such a situation is not impossible. I don’t know what people think?

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