When insight was transmitting photos to the earth, it suddenly stopped for a period of time. What’s the matter?

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The earth is one of the eight planets in the solar system and the only planet with intelligent life. After human beings walked out of the earth, they had unlimited interest in the vast universe. However, due to the limitation of science and technology, we can only explore the planets in the solar system. Mars is the most explored planet after human beings walked out of the earth.

The reason why scientists are very interested in Mars is that Mars is also a planet in the habitable zone, which has many similarities with the earth. Scientists hope to explore Mars and learn more about it, and then transform it to become the second livable planet for human beings in the future.


With the continuous exploration and research of Mars for billions of years, we have a general understanding of the surface of Mars. But we don’t know what’s going on below the surface of Mars. Scientists speculate that there may be liquid water under the surface of Mars, and even underground life.

In order to explore the situation under the surface of Mars, on May 5, 2018, insight Mars probe was sent to Mars, its mission is to explore the mysteries under the surface of Mars. After about half a year’s voyage, insight successfully landed on Mars on November 26, 2018, and began to carry out the first human mission to explore the “deep” secrets of Mars.

Shortly after the Mars landing, insight sent back some precious photos to the earth. These photos show us a lonely and desolate red world. From the pictures, we can clearly see that the flat soil of Mars is dotted with numerous scattered gravel. In the strong sunlight, the light brown surface is set off by the black shadow of gravel.

Insight’s landing on Mars is very successful, and there is no fault event. The staff on earth are very careful to send instructions every day, and operate the probe which is hundreds of millions of kilometers away, and start to work step by step. Every instruction needs to be careful, otherwise an inappropriate instruction may bring fault to insight.


Although scientists are very careful and careful in the operation of insight, nothing strange has happened. However, around December last year, when insight was transmitting new Mars photos and data to the earth, something strange happened. It turned out that when the scientific team was receiving multiple images of the robotic arm sent back by insight, the imaging of insight was suddenly interrupted, and this situation automatically recovered the next day. What’s going on?

Insight is the representative work of the highest technology of human beings. How can this signal be suddenly interrupted? Up to now, the scientific team has no idea what caused it. According to the principle, insight is such an advanced detector, it is impossible to interrupt the transmission signal. If the signal fails to recover after interruption, it may be that the rover is damaged by an accident on Mars.

But what surprised scientists was that after a period of interruption, insight automatically recovered, which made people think about it. What happened to the insight signal during this time? For this problem may always be a mystery, and some alien researchers even wonder whether this is the alien civilization?


Of course, this is just some people’s guess, and more people still think that the insight may have had an accident at that time, and then it was interrupted for a period of time, and then it recovered itself. This is not impossible. Any advanced scientific and technological equipment may have unexpected situations. Advanced detectors such as insight have the function of self detection and self repair.

No matter what the real situation is, the sudden interruption of insight’s signal will give scientists a surprise. If it completely damages its communication with the earth due to accident, the loss will be great. It has not yet fully given its glorious underground exploration mission. Fortunately, it finally miraculously recovered, and now it has started a series of exploration missions.

Insight is carrying a lot of advanced instruments and a bit that can drill 5 meters underground. If there is liquid water or simple microorganisms under the surface of Mars, maybe good news will come soon. It is very important for scientists to know whether there is liquid water and life on Mars. According to the current probe of Mars, frozen water lakes have been found at the poles, and a liquid lake with high salt content has been found.

Moreover, curiosity rover has also detected obvious signs of methane activity in the Martian atmosphere twice, and on earth, the main product of methane is microorganisms. If the methane in the Martian atmosphere also comes from microorganisms, then the conjecture that Mars has life may be confirmed. Now scientists put their hope on insight, hoping that it can achieve amazing results in the future underground exploration.


If Mars can prove that there is a large amount of groundwater and the existence of life, then the history of Mars may be more mysterious and complex than we think. At the same time, it also shows that Mars still has obvious geological activities and living ecosystem, which is of great significance for human beings to transform Mars into the second livable planet in the future.

If we want to transform Mars, whether there is a large amount of liquid water is the key to success, and human survival cannot do without water. If Mars does not have a large amount of water resources for human survival, the future human migration to Mars may be greatly affected, even if it can migrate, only a small amount of migration can be carried out. Because we need to transport from earth to Mars, which is too expensive.

If Mars can be transformed into a livable planet in the future, it will be of great significance to the earth and human beings. First, it can greatly slow down the earth’s growing population pressure. Second, human beings have an additional livable planet, which is an important step for human beings to go out of interstellar migration. Only when we go out can we get rid of all kinds of disasters that may occur on the earth, such as resource depletion, serious damage to the ecological environment, and increasingly severe greenhouse effect.


Of course, Mars is not the ideal second planet for human survival. Even if the future can be transformed successfully, it can meet the living conditions of human beings. However, due to the lack of congenital conditions, such as thin atmosphere and low gravity, Mars is just an alternative planet for human beings. The real planet of human migration in the future is outside the solar system.

Only outside the solar system can we find a natural planet suitable for human survival, or even a habitable planet almost exactly like the earth. Such a planet is the ideal new earth for human beings. Of course, if we want to achieve extrasolar migration, the speed of the spacecraft must at least achieve sub light speed. We don’t know when we will be able to achieve such technology.

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