When Mr. Bei meets this kind of food, do you want to eat it or not?

We know that Beiye is known as the person standing at the top of the food chain, the frozen yak eyeballs in Siberia, the camel intestines in the Sahara desert, the brains of rats in Chinese forests, and even the most disgusting food he has ever eaten is bear dung, but do you know? There are two kinds of food, even if Mr. Bei meets them, he may not be able to open his mouth.

1. Preserved egg


In the program “adventure with bell” recorded by Mr. Bei, he once challenged the preserved eggs. However, in Mr. Bei’s eyes, this kind of preserved eggs seems to be a kind of “dinosaur eggs”. It’s too bad to eat. Even Mr. Bei once said that insects are better than preserved eggs. In fact, in our Chinese eyes, Songhua egg is nothing, but what Xiaobian wants to talk about today is not Songhua egg, but the following kind of insect, Clematis.

2. Clematis

Clematis is a kind of parasite, which usually lives in the body of Mantis. Xiaobian has seen a lot of articles and videos. When a mantis is is put in the water, a kind of insect that looks longer than the mantis intestines will emerge from the mantis’s body. This is the Clematis.


Perhaps many people have seen the invasion of Clematis, which mainly talks about the fact that Korean people are infected with Clematis in a large area. When the larvae develop into adults in their bodies, people will drink a lot of water, and even jump directly into the pool or river water. Then, like the mantis just made up, this huge, hard and terrifying Clematis will emerge from people’s bodies.

Many people will have great fear or worry after reading this article about the Clematis. What will they do if the Clematis parasitizes on the human body? Clematis usually lays its eggs in the river water. Usually people or animals will be infected with Clematis after drinking the river water without disinfection. Is it really like a mantis or a bridge in a movie?


In fact, it is not so terrible. There are two main types of human infection with Clematis

1. Urinary tract infection: because the perineum of human body is directly in contact with the water area where there are Clematis larvae, the main infected people are mostly female groups, and the main manifestations are obvious urinary tract irritation, such as abdominal pain, frequent urination, urgency of urination, urination pain, hematuria, radioactive low back pain, perineum and vaginitis, etc

2. Digestive tract infection: the symptoms caused by Clematis parasitizing in the digestive tract are generally not obvious, and can have dyspepsia, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other manifestations.


So in fact, human infection with Clematis is not as terrible as Mantis infection with clematis, and it will not be like the disaster in the movie. Don’t be cheated. Of course, there is nothing wrong with it. After all, it’s a parasite that can grow up in your body. Even if it doesn’t control you to jump into the water and become an adult, it will at least grow up in your body. What’s more, do you think if Mr. Bei meets a Clematis who just crawled out of the mantis in the wild, he will eat it?

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