When people are reading silently, whose voice is echoing in their heads? It’s it!

I recall that when Xiaobian was in high school, one of the most common things he did was to read silently. But at this time, there was always a voice in his brain. It was clear that he didn’t make a sound and his mouth didn’t open. But he really heard the sound of reading. Whose voice was that? Do you guys have such a situation? If there is, don’t worry. Today, Xiao Bian will come to answer this little secret for you.


In fact, that’s because one area of our brain is at work: Broca’s area. Let’s talk about it in detail. Broca’s area is actually the center of our speech, so when we read silently, the sound in the brain is the result of Broca’s area’s movement. As we all know, in general, when we speak or move a part of the body, the brain will feel the signal from that part, and then transmit the information to other brain regions, and finally complete the action through the cooperation of different organs.

Some people say that when we read silently, what we hear in our brain is the signal from the right brain to the left brain, which is unable to speak. Through the language center of the left brain, we process neural signals, thus producing self-consciousness similar to sound. Considering that each of us is born with a dual personality, there are great differences between the left and right brain in the way of perceiving the world and processing information. In many cases, the voice of “argument” in our brain may come from these two twins with different temperaments.


The potential of human brain far exceeds our consciousness, because the information we recognize is only a small part of the information we receive, and the information we recognize is also a small part of the information our brain processes. There are too many mechanisms in our brain that we still can’t understand. We are like a monkey with a computer. When we are complacent about discovering that a computer can crack walnuts, we don’t realize that we are in another all inclusive world.


The human brain is very complex. The reason why the brain does this is that when we do something, other brain regions won’t be surprised. For example, when we scratch ourselves, we don’t feel itchy, but when we scratch others, the reaction is particularly strong. For example, we can’t feel our eyes turning in our eyes all the time. This is because when we do these actions, the brain is ready, and such small actions will be filtered out by us.

Therefore, when we are reading silently, it is also because the brain is ready in advance. Although the mouth does not move, does not open, and does not make a sound, because the brain area has received the signal in advance, it already knows what we are going to read silently. So, we will hear another voice in our brain reading silently. But if you want Xiaobian to tell you who is reading silently at this time, I’m sorry. Because it’s up to you to fantasize, so everyone will be different. If you want anyone to read this article, it’s their voice, so at this time, you can imagine that this is your favorite singer, or your favorite host, or the person you admire.

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