When people commit suicide, why doesn’t the brain stop them? Scientists say it’s too late!

When people commit suicide, why doesn’t the brain stop them? Scientists say it’s too late!


There are two ways of death, one is unnatural death, the other is the end of life. Everyone’s final result is death, which is the fate that no one can escape. Life, aging, illness and death are the normal state of human beings. Although many people want to achieve immortality, reality is reality after all. These virtual things can only be realized in dreams, and there is no reality at all.


For a long time, scientists have been committed to studying a specific problem, what changes will occur in the body before people die, and have drawn a lot of research results. When people die completely, their feet will be soft, and their shoes will fall off naturally. From this, we can infer the state of human life. This inference has a certain scientific basis. When people commit suicide, why doesn’t the brain stop them? Scientists say it’s too late!


In real life, we often hear a lot of reports about people’s suicide. Every time we see such reports, it’s very sad. People’s life is only once. If we say no, it’s gone. We don’t know which will happen first tomorrow or accident. Life is precious. Everyone should cherish it. It’s hard to understand why these people don’t stop themselves before they commit suicide?


As we all know, the brain is the most complex body structure. People’s behaviors and actions are made by the brain’s instructions. In fact, the brain is far more than what we imagined. It is actually an independent individual. When people start thinking of suicide in the brain, it will not immediately send out a signal to stop. A person’s suicide is often in the case of emotional excitement Do out of extreme behavior, so that the brain lost the ability to distinguish. People are intelligent beings who think consciously and independently. They all operate through the instructions of the brain. The instruction of suicide suddenly comes out. The brain has already made such behavior before it has digested it. It’s too late to stop it.


In fact, everyone’s life is so precious, no matter what decision you make, you should consider the relatives around you. Even if you don’t have any nostalgia for the world, you should also consider your family. If you really leave the world, how sad they should be and make a judgment and analysis. If they are too impulsive, the brain can’t make rational thinking at all, so There is no way to stop this impulsive behavior. People who do not have any attachment to life will make such extreme behavior, and suicide is the most undesirable way.


When a person’s psychological pressure is too big and his emotion is too depressed to be released, he will vent it in this way, which is very sad. Many people lose their lives at a young age, and their lives end at the beginning, which is very sad. Although the brain can give instructions, it also has rest time. When it’s too excited, even the brain can’t make rational analysis. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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