When people die, can they hear the call of their relatives? Many people are silly after watching it!

When people die, can they hear the call of their relatives? Many people are silly after watching it!


Any creature on the earth must follow the laws of nature. From the time of birth, no one can change it. Human beings are the most special life in many creatures, but there is nothing we can do about life span. Everyone’s life span of just a few decades, birth and death has become a natural normal, no one can eliminate it.


Many emperors who once held the weight tried to seek immortality and spent a lot of manpower and material resources, but they did not find a good way. Although I have tried to change my life against the weather, the final result is bleak. It can be seen that death is the final fate, and death means the end of life. Especially when my relatives lie there motionless, it makes people feel bad. When people die, can they hear the call of their relatives? Many people are silly after watching it!


There is a legend that when people die, can they hear their relatives cry? How can you feel that many people have died? To solve this problem, scientists have done relevant research. This study shows that before death, people can perceive the occurrence of everything around them, and the brain also has consciousness. Even if the signs of life gradually disappear, people can still hear the language they say, but they can’t express it.


Because there is consciousness in the brain, we can hear the call of relatives. When some dying patients are in the hospital, we can see the appearance of doctors and nurses. According to relevant research, some data show that people are conscious within 6-8 hours after death, and those with deep obsession can keep it for 16 hours. However, this period of time is a long suffering for the deceased, especially when they hear their relatives cry and they are helpless.


The final outcome of people are the same, just before and after the problem, everyone in their own life, as much as possible to create more value, there is no white life. Some people think that when a person has just passed away, they should appropriately bear their own emotions. They should not let this pessimism infect the deceased and let them walk with ease. This is also respect for them. But when their relatives die, who can really control their emotions? After all, people have feelings after they get along with each other. People have seven emotions and six desires. No one can control them.


Death is very cruel, but it is also the ultimate fate. Everyone should keep an optimistic and positive attitude, not too pessimistic and negative. Don’t despair too much. After all, the dead also hope that the living can grow up healthily and happily, which is very wonderful. People have a day of birth, but also to the end of the day, which has become the law of nature, whether people or other animals can not avoid. We should live our wonderful life in our limited time. What do you think of it? You can leave a message for interaction.

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