When people experience life and death, do they still have consciousness? Scientists tell you the answer

After a person’s death, there is nothing for him, because his consciousness has completely disappeared. Is it really so? Recent scientific studies have shown that there may be a short period of consciousness between life and death. Even after death, the thinking and consciousness of the brain will not disappear immediately.


All life on earth has gone through four stages: birth, development, aging and death. No species can live forever. Even with the development of human medicine, we can only prolong our life but not achieve immortality. Birth, aging, illness and death seem to be the iron law of nature, which can’t be broken by any living thing. For different species, death also has different meanings. For ordinary animals, death shows a state of struggle, pain or calm. For human beings, the exploration of death is more profound because human brain is good at thinking.

Like most animals, human beings usually feel fear, pain and helplessness before death. However, if people can have a deeper understanding of the relationship between life and death, then the temporary view of death is more reasonable. From a medical point of view, how do humans define death? It’s not enough to judge a person’s heartbeat, pulse and breathing. Most of the time, we have to judge from the pupil and brain activity. If this series of life activities stop, then this person will be finished.


For the living, a person’s death means that he will leave forever, and what he can leave behind may be only a once memory. That’s why I feel very sad and sad after the death of my relatives and friends. So, for a dead person, can he still feel that he has lost his life? Many people think that human death is just a moment, and the brain can’t still maintain perception. However, scientists have done more than a thousand such experiments, and the results tend to be more likely that people can still feel after death, or even feel that they are dying.


Generally speaking, all life activities in the human body will stop after death, just like the sudden power failure of electronic devices. However, through thousands of experiments, scientists have come to the conclusion that when human beings experience death, life activities do gradually stop, but after that, there may still be some things in the body, which are invisible in consciousness, thought and other spiritual aspects.

To confirm this conclusion, the scientists also interviewed more than 2000 patients who were on the verge of death. Most people think they can still feel it when they are on the verge of death, which is neither clear nor vague. Most people don’t know what it’s like, but the only thing they can be sure of is that their consciousness is still there. Others think that this is the proof that the “soul” still exists. Man is the organism of body and soul, but after the death of body, the soul can stay in the body for a short time, and then leave the body.


Although this claim has not yet been confirmed by science, many people believe that the soul does exist. Another experiment showed that people lose 21g of weight after death, which is not consumed by life activities, but because of the weight of consciousness, thought and even soul. In addition to these uncertain factors, many experiments have proved that the brain still has transient consciousness after the various functions of people stop working.


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