When people have the idea of suicide, why doesn’t the brain stop it? It’s too late!

When people have the idea of suicide, why doesn’t the brain stop it? It’s too late!


Death is the final outcome of everyone. From the moment of falling to the ground, it means the beginning of life. When a certain life span is reached, people will come to an end. Everyone’s life span is only a few decades. Some people live a valuable life and leave a lot of precious wealth, while others waste their lives. Looking back on their time in the world, there is nothing to be happy about Only deep regret.


When everyone faces death, he feels extreme fear in his heart, and no one can escape. Some people are very open-minded and take death easy. Others want to live. No matter how they live, it’s better to live than to die. Over the years, scientists have been discussing a problem, that is, what changes will happen to a person’s body after death. For example, a person’s hands will naturally droop after death, his feet will become soft, and even his shoes will fall off. From these States, we can infer whether a person will eventually die or not. When people have the idea of suicide, why doesn’t the brain stop it? It’s too late!


In these theories, there is also a certain scientific basis. In real life, we often hear many reports of suicide. Suicide is a kind of extreme behavior, which refers to doing something that the brain can’t control at the moment of despair. It’s a pity that people’s lives were lost in a short moment. Many people are surprised that the brain can control people’s behavior. Why can’t the brain stop people before they commit suicide?


Through research, scientists have found that the brain is not as simple as we think. Although people’s actions are issued through the brain, the brain is an independent individual. When you want to commit suicide, the brain will not immediately send out a stop signal. Moreover, when people are in extreme mood, the brain can’t react. At that time, the brain has stopped working and even the brain doesn’t know what to do. How can we stop it?


When everyone is in trouble or bullied, it is inevitable that he will have the idea of suicide. No matter what choice he makes, he should give himself a calm thinking time. Only when he calms down can his brain make rational analysis. If there are too many impulses, his brain can’t make rational thinking and can only carry out impulsive behavior. It’s a great pity that everyone’s life has only one choice Once, when you choose to commit suicide, you should think more about your relatives. If you really die, how sad your parents and friends should be. So before you commit suicide, don’t lose your mind by your impulsive behavior.


Human life is very precious. Unlike cats, which have nine lives, human life has only one. If it’s gone, it’s gone. So every time we see reports of suicide, it’s very worrying. The brain is the most important part of human body structure. Sometimes when human beings are too impulsive, the brain can’t control their behavior. When they do any extreme behavior, they should consider the consequences. What do you think of it? You can leave a message for interaction.

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