When reading silently, there is always a strange sound in the brain. Where does it come from?

When reading silently, there is always a strange sound in the brain. Where does it come from?


From the moment of landing, everyone’s life is officially opened. As the saying goes, knowledge changes fate. Everyone should accept the baptism of knowledge. Only by becoming learned can we learn more new things. I don’t know if you have found that when the teacher asked the students to read silently, although they didn’t open their mouths, they heard the sound of reading in their minds. This kind of silent reading is very strange. Sometimes when they read, they would have voices or thoughts in their minds, and even talk to themselves. Their brains seem to be out of control.


Many people feel very strange, our mouth does not make a sound, how does this kind of sound in the mind come out? After a period of research, scientists have finally found that maybe the sound in the brain is related to Broca’s area, so what is Broca’s area? In fact, everyone’s memory has components, including voice circuit, visual space and central executive. The voice circuit is responsible for voice storage and processing. The storage time is very short, and the trace will fade after about two seconds. When reading silently, there is always a strange sound in the brain. Where does it come from?


If you want to remember deeply, you must describe it by pronunciation. When we don’t read words, there are two kinds of circuits. One is to turn the words we read into the voice in the brain, and then go back to the brain for understanding through the voice circuit. The second way is to call through the vocabulary in the brain. When we are thinking about problems, language or space problems, we will use the voice circuit, which mainly stores the language.


Someone has done a simple experiment. When doing a topic, they repeat a word silently in their mouth. You will find that the word will produce a lot of interference when doing the topic. Your auditory system will unconsciously accept the word, and even write the word when writing. There is no need to think about it at all. The voice in the brain is just speech coding. Generally, the brain will not create a timbre in detail. There are not only voice circuits, but also Broca’s area.


In 1831, there was a young patient who had no other patients. The main reason was that he could not speak. After the doctor examined him, he found that he did not have any serious problems. After he died, he was dissected and was surprised to find that there was an internal injury in the left hemisphere of his brain. Broca’s area preserved it here.


In fact, there are many similarities between humans and chimpanzees. Chimpanzees also can’t own Broca’s area, but the area they occupy is small, so the language ability is not complicated. The reason why humans can think consciously is mainly due to the brain. All the instructions issued by the brain can change human behavior. When we read silently, we can’t hear sound, but we have some reactions that are similar to them How do you think of it? You can leave a message for interaction.

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