When swimming in the water, why can some people easily open their eyes while others can’t?

When swimming in the water, why can some people easily open their eyes while others can’t?


Every once in a while, we can hear a lot of reports about children drowning. These children were drowned because they had no sense of safety and could not help themselves after drowning. It’s very sad to see these reports. Their life is just over at the beginning, so many people will cultivate their children’s swimming ability from an early age, which is not only a skill, but also a kind of protection for themselves.


We can often see a lot of swimming videos. Many people can open their eyes when they are swimming and enjoy the beautiful scenery in the water. For ordinary people, it is extremely difficult to open their eyes in the water. After all, in the process of opening their eyes, the water will be full of your eyes and blink. So why can some people open their eyes in the water, but some can’t? When swimming in the water, why can some people easily open their eyes while others can’t?


If ordinary people force to open their eyes in the water, it will stimulate their eyes to a certain extent. If there are pollutants in the water, it will also cause infection, so the vast majority of people will bring goggles when they are swimming. Although goggles can prevent eye infection, they also have disadvantages. Wearing them for a long time will strangle their heads, have a sense of urgency, and also affect the swimming experience. Second, goggles will block the line of sight, long-term wearing goggles makes the water world fuzzy, affecting the direction of swimming.


In fact, if you want to open your eyes underwater, you can do it. It takes a certain amount of time to train, and you also need to have a pair of healthy eyes. Scientists sum up the reasons why you can’t open your eyes underwater. The first point is people’s psychological function. Everyone has sensitive organs. Many people are naturally afraid of water. When their eyes feel the stimulation of water, they will feel a bit of panic, let alone fear I opened my eyes, and with the command of my brain, I made some actions that I didn’t open my eyes.


Secondly, it is caused by sensitive nerves. After all, there are more neurons in the eyes than in the skin. As long as you feel that there is a foreign object in the eye, you will repel it to protect the eyes. Many people like swimming. It’s not a wise choice to go to many places where they swim frequently. After all, the quality of water can’t be determined whether it is up to the standard. Mixed personnel can also cause eye inflammation. Although opening eyes in water is a wonderful experience and cool at the same time, it’s best to open eyes completely according to the actual situation Protection measures.


Eyes are the windows of the soul. Once the eyes are damaged, it will be too late to regret. There is only one pair of eyes. If you lose the light, it’s a terrible thing. So when you swim, you must pay attention to safety. Whether you swim with your eyes open or with your eyes closed, the first thing you pay attention to is life safety. This is the most important thing. What’s your opinion on this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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