When the earth’s great secret is discovered, the voice from Mariana may not be simple!

There is a strange sound coming from the depths of Mariana. After careful deliberation, we find that the earth is not a human being!


There are countless unsolved mysteries on the earth. What human beings have learned is only skin and fur. No matter how much energy they spend, they may not be able to achieve high quality. We have always been confined to the surface of the earth and know nothing about the interior of the earth. Because it is difficult for human beings to solve the problems of pressure and heat energy, as long as these problems are not solved one day, the pace of human beings will stop. Everyone must have heard of the Mariana Trench. Its ocean depth is amazing, more than 10000 meters.

Scientists once imagined what kind of creatures were living in this trench, and used marine equipment to search for them, and indeed found some unknown creatures, which human beings have never even seen. It is also the nearest place to the earth underground. In order to study what is hidden underground, scientists put a lot of detection equipment in this trench, but after many years, no abnormality has been found. There is a strange sound coming from the depths of Mariana. After careful deliberation, we find that the earth is not a human being!


Strange sound from Mariana


Some time ago, scientists made great achievements. The recording equipment they put in actually recorded a strange sound. If you listen carefully, it’s like who’s crying. The more you listen, the more you panic. This makes you wonder if the deepest part of Mariana Trench is closest to hell? Scientists also want to find out who made the sound. Only after in-depth study did we know that it was the crazy inhalation of sea water into the ground that caused this kind of sound.

According to the calculation of scientists, more than 3 billion tons of sea water is stolen every year. If they are swallowed on such a large scale, sooner or later, the marine ecosystem will be destroyed. That’s the sound of the gas squeezed out by the sea water after it is quickly sucked into the ground. What kind of gas is that? Can finding these gases prove that there is a new civilization underground? There is a large amount of hydrogen in the molecules of sea water, which can be used as the fuel of artificial sun.


Who made this strange sound?


Some people once said that there was a higher level of civilization under the earth. Before long, practical problems emerged one after another. If there was an underground civilization, they were swallowing the sea all the time. Why did the sea level rise instead of falling? Maybe there are huge springs on the bottom of the sea, and scientists are speculating. As for the existence of geocentric people, it is still impossible to draw a conclusion. If they really existed, they might have mastered more advanced high technology than human beings. It can accurately maintain the balance of water, which is beyond the understanding of the existing human technology.

Now scientists have discovered this mysterious sound in the Mariana Trench, which once again casts a veil on this area. This sound may be related to a major secret of the earth. In fact, in-depth analysis of the earth, we will find many unexpected surprises. With unremitting efforts, human beings can finally reveal these mysteries of the earth one by one. The existence of geocentric civilization, scientists are still trying their best to search, they may hide in a hidden corner of the earth, do not want to appear. What do you think of this strange sound scientists have heard? You can leave a message for interaction.

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