When the nuclear reactor was discovered hundreds of millions of years ago, human beings suddenly raised their vigilance. What did they discover?

Is the nuclear reactor hundreds of millions of years ago a natural product or a product of prehistoric civilization?


Human beings have lived on the earth for millions of years, which is a flash in the pan compared with the real age of the earth. Human beings are the luckier of many creatures. They have neither the vigorous posture of dinosaurs nor the huge size, but they can build a strong human civilization in a short time and become the leader of the earth. It seems that all these things have been deliberately arranged.

Human beings are not good for nothing. They have a unique brain. They can also create products with their hands. In the past 100 years of development, they have created countless high technologies. With these technologies, we have a more or less understanding of ocean, space, underground and other fields. So before the emergence of human civilization, how many cycles of civilized society on earth? According to the research, the earth was in an oxygen free environment before the early period, and the environment was very bad. Is the nuclear reactor hundreds of millions of years ago a natural product or a product of prehistoric civilization?


Who built the Oklo reactor?


The emergence of multicellular organisms 600 million years ago indirectly indicates that there were no advanced intelligent civilizations before the early days of the earth. Scientists have not found any evidence for the existence of prehistoric civilization on the earth before multicellular. In many studies, some people accidentally found some suspected relics of prehistoric civilization, and the authenticity remains to be verified. In 1972, someone discovered the Oklo nuclear reactor and analyzed its isotope uranium 235. It was found that the content of uranium 235 was low, and it might have been used by someone 2 billion years ago.

Human beings have only mastered nuclear technology in recent decades. The emergence of this nuclear reactor has been used long ago. In other words, intelligent life may have existed on the earth. These loopholes make scientists dubious. If this nuclear reactor is real, will it be a nuclear reactor built by the mineral resources developed by alien civilization? If this is the case, we should pay enough attention to it. If these alien civilizations still exist and their scientific and technological level has developed very mature, it will be harmful to mankind.


Does prehistoric civilization exist?


However, so far, human beings have not found any trace of alien civilization, so the authenticity of their existence remains to be discussed. As for this prehistoric nuclear reactor, scientists believe that it was formed naturally rather than artificially. About 2 billion years ago, water infiltrated the Oklo uranium mining area, which significantly reduced the uranium content, spontaneously produced nuclear fission reaction, and finally formed a nuclear reactor. There are many things similar to this prehistoric relic. Some people have found fossils 300 million years ago, which are highly similar to modern bolts.

Scientists have never given up on the study of prehistoric civilization. Prehistoric civilization once existed on the earth, which means that human beings are not the only intelligent life on the earth. Prehistoric civilization has not found any trace of them so far. It may be that they have left the earth or migrated to other alien planets. With the current level of human science and technology, it is basically impossible to achieve interstellar migration So going out of the solar system is what human beings should do in the future. Do you human scientists have anything to do with the formation of prehistoric civilization when they find this nuclear reactor? You can leave a message for interaction.

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