When the relationship between human and machine changes, will robots become human “partners”? Is that a good thing?

Intelligent products have penetrated into human life. Some time ago, the 2020 world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference was held in Nanjing. At this conference, scientists expressed their views on the future of artificial intelligence. Chinese scientists say that from the perspective of the development of human civilization, the relationship between humans and robots will change. Today’s robots provide services for humans. In the future, intelligent robots and humans may become partners.


The convenience of artificial intelligence


This view is too crazy for us. Intelligent robots are cold products without consciousness. How can they become human partners? Nowadays, human beings have created a brilliant scientific and technological civilization, and the development speed of science and technology is too fast. In 1956, a group of visionary young scientists put forward the concept of artificial intelligence for the first time. They believed that in the future, artificial intelligence can help human beings solve problems. With the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence has entered a period of vigorous development in the 21st century, especially in the field of industry and service industry It has brought great convenience to mankind.


I believe many people are also impressed by AI alphago. At that time, alphago defeated go master Ke Jie. Many people are worried about this. In the future, will human civilization be replaced by AI like the bridge in science fiction? It can be predicted that in the future, the functions of intelligent robots will be more and more comprehensive and powerful. In fact, artificial intelligence has been on the road of innovation since many years ago.


In 2011, the United States proposed that in the future, artificial intelligence might replace astronauts to explore the universe. At the same time, they will also play an important role in the field of medicine. Doctors and nurses can be replaced by artificial intelligence. At that time, robots will be used to treat and operate human beings.


Companion robot


When we observe today’s population situation, we will find that more and more young people focus on their work. Late marriage and late childbearing have become a popular trend. Scientists have predicted that in the future, the population will gradually decrease and the aging will become more and more obvious. Intelligent robots may become companion robots. They can help young people to solve problems in their work and life. They can also take care of the elderly and chat with them.


Japan once launched a companion robot, which was sold out as soon as it was launched. It is enough to show that today’s society is too impetuous. Many people are reluctant to communicate with strangers, which is far less comfortable than the company of robots. Their learning ability is very strong, and they have intelligent speech recognition system. They are not only very similar to human beings, but also can communicate with each other. Can you accept such a companion robot?

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