When the sea level rises 66 meters, which cities in China will be submerged? Do you have your hometown?

In recent days, China’s temperature has begun to decrease significantly, but global warming is still inevitable. Sea level rise may become an inevitable result. If the glaciers in the north and south poles melt completely, which countries on earth will be submerged? Will China be affected?


Throughout the world, we can see that almost developed countries and cities are adjacent to the coastline. With the developed port trade, the economy of these countries has been developing rapidly. If sea level rises, it will be a fatal blow to coastal countries. After 66 meters above sea level, most areas of Jiangsu and Shandong will be submerged. Even Tianjin and Dalian will be affected. If the sea level rises by 20 meters, some cities in Nanjing and Jiangxi will also be submerged.


sea level rise


What about 66 meters?


If the sea level rises 30 meters, Jinan, Dezhou and Wuhan in Shandong Province will be submerged. If the sea level rises to 66 meters, Beijing, Shanghai and other developed cities in China will be submerged. It can be said that the eastern plain of our country basically can not escape the fate of sinking into the seabed. Is there the same outcome for developed countries? Most of the cities that can see the ocean will sink to the bottom of the sea. New York, Boston and the Gulf Coast are not all inevitable.


According to the prediction of scientists, at that time, there will be more cities submerged in the United States, Europe and China. In fact, since mankind entered the industrial society, the global average temperature has been rising, and the north and south poles also broke the high temperature record this year, and even the temperature in some areas has increased by 5-10 degrees, which led to the collapse of the ice shelf in the north and south poles. In fact, global warming has not attracted the attention of scientists in recent years, and scientists have been studying the whole world since 2000 Warning of global warming.


The environmental situation of the earth


If the situation of global warming can not be controlled, then it will become inevitable that the plane rise, at that time, most cities in China are facing the fate of inundation. So how long does it take for this situation to come? In April, scientists tested the melting rate of the Antarctic ice sheet. They found that from 2003 to 2019, the melting of the sea ice in the north and south poles directly caused the sea level to rise by 1.4cm. If we look at this rate, the rate of sea level rise will far exceed the scientists’ expectation.


Last month, Japanese scientists also claimed that the doomsday glacier in Antarctica began to collapse, and the direction of global ocean currents was also affected, and the harm of global warming was far more than that. If human beings do not pay attention to it, the end of sea level rise of 66 meters may accelerate.

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