When the Soviet Union dug 12263 meters, all previous efforts were wasted. Who heard the “sound of beasts”?

When the Soviet Union dug 12263 meters, all previous efforts were wasted. Who heard the “sound of beasts”?


In the last century, the United States and the former Soviet Union launched fierce competition. No matter in the military or aerospace fields, they have made every effort. The former Soviet Union is not afraid of the strength of the United States, keeps up with the pace of the United States, has great attainments in the aerospace field, and has the same number of nuclear weapons as the United States. The two countries have been competing secretly. Once upon a time, they all started a plan to dig through the earth, and invested a lot of human and material resources to try to dig through the earth in a real sense.


In this competition, the Soviet Union had a great advantage, and the United States gave up after a short time. With concerted efforts, the Soviet Union dug a total of 12263 meters. When it was close to 8000 meters, the Soviet Union had the idea of giving up, but it persisted. The United States watched the Soviet Union dig deeper and deeper, but it had nothing to do with it. The Soviet Union is inferior to the United States in other fields, but it has long abandoned the United States in its plan to dig through the earth. When the Soviet Union dug 12263 meters, all previous efforts were wasted. Who heard the “sound of beasts”?


The reason why the Soviet Union gave up the plan of digging through the earth


When it reached a depth of more than 10000, the difficulty coefficient became higher and higher. The main reason was that the temperature was too high, and the drill bit melted in a few hours. The progress was getting worse and worse. During this period, a lot of resources, including gold and diamonds, were excavated, which were precious wealth. However, compared with the investment of the Soviet Union, it was just a drop in the bucket. When it reached 12000 meters, something happened again, and finally it had to stop the project. According to the witnesses, it turned out that someone heard the howling sound of wild animals at that time, which was frightening. In addition, the temperature was too high, so they had no strong endurance and could not continue. So how did the so-called sound of wild animals come from?


Some people speculate that because the hole is too deep, the wind can’t breathe out when it enters the hole, so it makes a terrible sound, just like an ordinary echo. The process was also very cruel. Many workers lost their lives one after another, and the later the plan became more and more difficult. In this difficult situation, the Soviet Union had to give up the plan. The higher the depth of excavation, the higher the difficulty coefficient. In addition, the technology of the Soviet Union was also limited, so it was almost impossible to move in the next few steps. There was no point in continuing.


Stopping digging may be the salvation of the Soviet Union


Now, decades after the Soviet Union’s plan to dig through the earth, people still speculate about the reasons for stopping the plan. Some people feel that it is a great pity that they are getting closer to the inner world, but the Soviet Union has lost all its previous achievements. Some people think that the Soviet Union’s stoppage may have saved the Soviet Union. Digging deeper and deeper is not the inner world, but a piece of magma. If it all erupts, it will bring terrible disasters to the people of the world. Therefore, the Soviet Union should be thankful. Fortunately, it did not continue to dig, otherwise it will usher in endless disasters, which will not be worth the loss.


So far, all countries still have the idea of digging through the earth, but they dare not implement it. On the one hand, it will cost a huge amount of money, on the other hand, it will cost too much human and material resources, which has already exceeded the predicted range. Do you think there are any other reasons why the Soviet Union stopped this earth digging project? You can leave a message for interaction.

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