When the sun becomes a red giant, it will continue to devour the inner planets. What about the earth and human beings?

The earth is the eight major planets in the solar system, and also the only intelligent life planet in the solar system. The mass of the sun accounts for 99.86% of the whole solar system, which is worthy of the first place. It is the management of the sun that leads to a stable and harmonious solar system, the birth of life on earth and the birth of human beings.

The solar system is a single star system. Compared with those double star systems, the Samsung system is a very stable system. What the sun brings to the solar system is not only a stable environment, but also suitable light and temperature. Therefore, the earth in the habitable zone will have the existence of oceans and the birth of life.

Before human beings walked out of the earth, we knew very little about the sun. We didn’t know how big the sun was or what its essence was. However, with the advent of science and technology, we soon realized our dream of flying to the sky, walked out of the earth and began to explore the universe. At the same time, we also have more knowledge of the sun. Now we all know that the sun is actually a star, one of the hundreds of billions of stars in the galaxy.


Stars are the bright lights in the universe and the source of light in the universe. Without the light and heat of stars, the universe will be completely dark without any light. It is with stars that the Dark Universe will have some light and the possibility of life and civilization.

We all know that life has a cycle of life and death. No matter it is a low-level creature or a higher creature like human beings, it has a cycle of life and death and will not live forever. Although many emperors in human history have had the dream of immortality and carried out various experiments for immortality, they all failed in the end. Immortality is destined to be just a dream.

Life has reincarnation, which is the law of the universe. No life can break it. In addition to life, stars also have lifespan, and they will not burn all the time. When the internal hydrogen for combustion is consumed, they will lose their brilliance and die completely, and finally evolve into white dwarfs, neutron stars or black holes. This is mainly determined by the mass of stars. After a large number of stars die, they will evolve into black holes. Stars like the sun are the most popular After that, it will become a white dwarf, which is also a very beautiful planet.

From this, we understand that as a star, the sun also has a lifetime. The age of the sun is about 10 billion years old, which is a very long time for us. But at the cosmic scale, 10 billion years will soon pass. Today’s sun has been burning for 5 billion years, half of its life cycle. In another 5 billion years, it will die completely and become a white dwarf.


The slow death process of the sun will not be calm. In another billion years, the sun will slowly expand and transform into a red giant. The sun will become bigger and bigger. The bigger sun will gradually devour mercury, Venus and finally the earth. Many people may worry about what the earth and human beings should do when the sun becomes a red giant and devours the earth?

If the earth is also a planet without intelligent life, then its fate will be swallowed by the future sun like mercury and Venus, which will turn into the dust of the universe and disappear. But with the birth of intelligent life on earth, the fate of human beings may be different. Since human beings entered the era of science and technology, the speed of development is very fast. It only took about a hundred years to achieve a leap forward development, go out of the earth and explore the universe.

At the present speed of human development, no one knows where we will go in the future and how strong we will be. One billion years later, human beings may have already become the advanced civilization of the Milky way. There are countless colonial planets in the Milky way. The planets inhabited by human beings are all over the Milky way. The earth is just the parent star of human beings.


Even then, the earth could no longer survive because of the constant expansion of the sun, and humans could give up the earth and migrate to other habitable planets in the solar system. If human beings don’t want to give up the earth and want to let it live, they can also transform the earth into a huge spaceship, push it away from the solar system, become a wandering planet and go to the next suitable star system, just like the movie wandering earth.

Therefore, we don’t have to worry about the threat to the earth and human beings caused by the expanding sun in a billion years. At that time, it’s not a problem to deal with such small things with human technology.

However, some people think that it is also a problem whether human beings can continue to exist after 1 billion years. If human beings disappear after 1 billion years, new intelligent life will be born on the earth, and the new intelligent life has not yet developed. Facing the expansion of the sun, there will be no way to avoid the fate of the earth being swallowed up and disappear into the universe.

In fact, this possibility is not absent. In the 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth, there is no definite answer as to whether there has been only one intelligent civilization, human beings. In recent decades, scientists have found many prehistoric relics on the earth, from which some traces of science and technology have been found, such as the nuclear reactor hundreds of millions of years ago. There are also the Maya civilization, Atlantis civilization and so on.


The discovery of prehistoric relics tells us that there may have been more than one intelligent civilization on the earth, and there may have been other intelligent civilizations in the history of the earth, and their science and technology may have surpassed that of human beings. But these prehistoric civilizations finally disappeared. It is still a mystery whether they died out or left the earth.

Some people wonder whether there will be cycles in the development of civilization? A civilization may and will not last forever, and there is reincarnation. No one knows how long the cycle of human civilization will be. If human civilization can not survive and develop to a billion years later, it may not be able to cope with the future solar expansion engulfing the earth.

Of course, one billion years is too long for human beings, which is far beyond the time when human beings were born. It is only millions of years since human beings were born. Now we don’t have to think about what will happen in a billion years. That doesn’t mean much to us. Maybe in the future, with the development of science and technology to a certain extent, there will be ways to stop the expansion of the sun.


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