When the sun goes out, it is the day to light Jupiter, and the earth will live forever?

For human beings, the discussion on how the universe came into being is endless. However, during human scientific exploration, it is found that the earth has survived for 4.6 billion years, and the whole solar system revolves around the sun. However, human beings have found that each cosmic star has its own life span, including the sun since human beings. People not only daydream about it, but also think about it One day when the sun goes out, will human beings light another planet as the “sun” so that the earth will live forever.


First of all, this conjecture must have a premise that the sun goes out, so when is the sun destroyed? The life span of the sun depends on its own combustion and its internal chemical reactions. Rather than combustion, it is actually its own nuclear fusion. At the same time of nuclear fusion, it releases energy, which makes the earth day and night. And when the sun’s life is approaching, like human cells, it will first self expand from a star to a white dwarf. Finally, due to its inability to absorb and carry energy, it will gradually turn the white dwarf into a black dwarf without radiation and signs of life, and gradually disappear into the universe.

At the same time, we hope to choose a planet in the solar system to be prepared. For this purpose, we focus on Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. In wandering earth, it is said that Jupiter can be ignited as soon as it is ignited. Is it the day when the sun goes out?


The answer is no, we can observe the environment of Jupiter first. The reason why humans have such a hypothesis is that there is a lot of hydrogen and helium on the surface of Jupiter, and oxygen is obviously less in the chemical reaction. But interestingly, the mass of Jupiter is 318 times that of the earth, and its elements are also highly similar to the sun, but there are two key factors that make it not To become the second sun, the first is that Jupiter belongs to a planet, and it will not become a star. Its main planetary nature determines that it will not always provide warmth to the earth. The second is that its mass is too small. Compared with Jupiter, the mass of the sun is 330000 times that of the earth. The two essential differences make Jupiter the sun.


We can also have a big brain opening. If human technology can change the nature of the planet, will the end really be the eternal life of the earth? The answer is that it will not only bring disaster to human beings, but also bring disaster to human beings. There are two reasons. First, after the planet is transformed into a star, its own nuclear fusion will increase the mass of the planet itself. In this way, the earth will become a part of Jupiter due to the expansion of Jupiter. Second, the distance between Jupiter and the earth is too close. Between the earth and the sun, there are Mercury, Venus and other small celestial bodies, but there are many differences If the earth is too close to Jupiter, human beings and earth creatures will not be able to accept this objective change and will gradually go extinct.

Therefore, it is wrong to think that when the sun goes out, it is the day to light up Jupiter, and the earth’s immortality will turn into a bubble. However, there are countless coincidences in ancient human relics that record an extraterrestrial civilization. Perhaps human civilization is a primary civilization. There have existed or are existing advanced civilizations in the universe, and the immortality of the earth will gradually become a reality, but human beings will continue to live Explore!

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